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Yosoar Cuprous Oxide Serious

97% Cuprous Oxide -Yosoar

The particle size of paint grade is very fine,and its range (PSD) is small.This grade’s color is bright red,  general addition amount is about 20%-40%

98% Cuprous Oxide yosoar

It is a kind if micron-level soil nutrients can effectively improve soil health; it can treat different plant diseases and effectively protect agricultural products

CU2O powder yosoar

Nano-grade cuprous oxide has a super antibacterial effect, it has a very good effect on Escherichia coli, Candida and epidemic viruses, with a particle size of 50nm, 100nm, 500nm, etc.

Cuprous oxide supplier yosoar

The purity of cuprous oxide is above 98%, the content of copper is above 87%, all of which pass through a 325 mesh screen, and the content of elemental copper is less than 0.01

Copper(I) oxide-Yosoar

Strong stability, high activity. It can be used in the coloring of glass and ceramics, as a pigment additive, effectively enrich the color of glass

Red copper oxide

It can be used in the field of antibacterial, medicine, catalysis, solder paste production and various lubricants, greases, etc.

Using For Anti-fouling Paint

More than 95% of ship and yacht manufacturers choose cuprous oxide as the main raw material of ship primer, which can effectively sterilize and last for a long time. It has a very good effect on marine mollusks and algae, effectively delaying the corrosion rate of the bottom of the ship.

Yosoar provides paint grade cuprous oxide powder to many ship manufacturers in Europe and Southeast Asia etc., and provides professional formula recommendations for different projects.

Cuprous oxide Using For Antifouling-China Yosoar
Cuprous oxide Using For Catalyst-China Yosoar

Using For Catalyst field

Cuprous oxide is a kind of red oxide powder, which acts as a catalyst in various dyes and pharmaceutical fields. Cuprous oxide is insoluble in water and alcohol, but soluble in hydrochloric acid, ammonium chloride, etc.

Cuprous oxide (Cu2O), as a typical P-type narrow band gap semiconductor powder, it has very good photocatalytic performance, and has received extensive attention in scientific research circles from all over the world.

Using for antibacterial field

Cuprous oxide has a very long antibacterial history. Many bacteria cannot survive on the surface of copper. It can not only be used to make antibacterial masterbatch of Cu2O, but also can be used to make antibacterial fiber fabrics, antibacterial Copper (I) Oxide  dispersions, etc.
In addition, the surface of cuprous oxide can be modified to form a better antibacterial formula with other chemicals.
The antibacterial series cuprous oxide powder produced by Yosoar has a large specific surface area, even if it is in contact with bacteria for a short time, it will have a very good antibacterial effect.

Cuprous oxide Using for antibacterial field -China Yosoar

Yosoar: Your Reliable Cuprous Oxide Supplier in China

If your research needs to be used as a catalyst for the synthesis of organic compounds or antibacterial, then Kunshan Yosoar’s Cu2O will be your best choice. As one of the more advanced cuprous oxide manufacturers in China, Yosoar produces the product used as analytical reagents, bactericides, clean energy, and photocatalytic materials, with a variety of particle sizes to meet your product needs.

Yosoar has a professional and experienced cuprous oxide technical team, which can provide customized solutions for customers’  special process requirements, as well as cuprous oxide sealed storage and post-maintenance requirements. We will be  your trusted partner.

Drop us an email and send your cuprous oxide detailed requirement now!

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Below are cuprous oxide(CU2O) FAQ guide: Product Parameter

Cuprous Oxide Red

We have many models which didn’t show on this page ,pls contact us and tell us your using field ,we will send you COA ,TDS

Cuprous oxide Cu2O 's different using field,FAQ Guid

How is cuprous oxide Cu2O used?

Cuprous oxide Cu2O can be used according to application requirements, and the specific application methods in specific fields are also different. Generally used as paint. As an antibacterial coating, then evenly apply it on the objects that need antibacterial. If it is to decontaminate the bottom of the ship, it can also be made into a coating and applied to the bottom of the ship.

What is the antibacterial effect of Cu2O?

cuprous oxide Cu2O is used in many vegetables, mainly to play an antibacterial effect, it can kill insects in vegetables, and play a role in protecting vegetable fruits.

How is Cu2O used in paint?

cuprous oxide Cu2O is mainly used in anti-fouling coatings, and it is generally used more on ships, because coatings made of Cu2O, applied to ships, can well prevent ships from corrosion and marine organisms.

How is Cu2O used in solar cells?

Cu2O is a high-quality semiconductor material that can be used in solar cells. Because of its non-toxicity and low price, it is used in solar cells.

Can Cu2O be used in medicine?

Cu2O can be used in medicine, but it is mainly used in plant medicine, because Cu2O can protect plants and vegetables well and play an antibacterial effect.

What is the effect of  Cu2O on marine life?

Cu2O will have an impact on marine life and may kill marine life. Because Cu2O contains copper, which belongs to heavy metal, it will cause marine life to cause some reactions in cells, thereby killing marine life.

What are the steps for Cu2O used in the synthesis of organic compounds?

Cu2O can be used in the synthesis of organic substances, the steps are Cu2O first acts as a catalyst in the synthesis of organic substances and then acts on the synthesis of organic substances.

How is Cu2O used in the manufacture of antifouling paint for ship bottom?

When decontamination on the bottom of the ship, Cu2O can be used to make paint, and then evenly spread on the bottom of the ship where it needs to be decontaminated, which can play a protective role.

How is cuprous oxide Cu2O used in vegetable production?

Cuprous oxide Cu2O is used in vegetables, mainly acting as a fungicide, mainly to protect vegetables. When using it, make it into a solution, spray it on the surface of plants and fruits, and spray it evenly, so as to protect them.Cuprous oxide supplier Yosoar are good at this field .

Does Cu2O have an impact on the ocean as an ideal antifouling agent?

As an antifouling agent, Cu2O will have an impact on the ocean, because the copper contained in Cu2O is a heavy metal material. Although the toxicity of cuprous oxide Cu2O is relatively low, if it is used more, it will continue to be in the ocean. Accumulation has a bad impact on the marine environment.Yosoar as the cuprous oxide Cu2O supplier care if the paint is green to ocean very much.

How to judge the Cu2O if it is suitable for ship paint?

The first thing to do is to determine the purpose of the marine paint. If it is used to decontaminate the bottom of a ship, it also has the effect of killing low-level marine organisms and preventing corrosion of the bottom of the ship. Cu2O is suitable for marine coatings.

You can contact our sales staff to communicate the required parameter information, including particle size and application fields. We recommend suitable products to you and quote them. After you place an order, we will send you a test report of Cu2O.

As commonly used agricultural pesticides, there are usually 86.2% Cu2O wettable powder and 86.2% copper skeleton suspending agent, and can be widely used in fruit trees, vegetables, cotton, tea trees, tobacco, medicinal plants, flowers, grains and Oilseeds, and other crops.

cuprous oxide supplier-yosoar5

Why copper oxide Cu2O is an ideal antifouling agent?

Because copper is a life-giving trace element naturally present in seawater. At the same time, the red copper oxide Cu2O content on the hull is slightly higher, which can prevent the accumulation of dirt such as barnacles, nodular insects, and bryozoans.


HS code ,CAS EINECS and Basic characteristics of cuprous oxide

HS code:2825500000 



Other name: CU2O  ;red copper oxide;copper i oxide

Is there any difference between nanometer and micrometer in Cu2O?

Generally, micron cuprous oxide Cu2O is mostly used for decontamination of ship bottom as an antifouling coating, but nano-sized Cu2O is thinner and has better use effect, and is mostly used in solar cells and superconductor applications.

What is the chemical formula of Cu2O?

The molecular formula of Cu2O is Cu2O, and the copper of Cu2O is +1 valence, so the chemical formula is Cu2O

What is the packaging of cuprous oxide Cu2O?

The cuprous oxide Cu2O produced by Kunshan Yosoar Cuprous oxide manufacturer is generally packed in iron drums lined with polyethylene plastic bags, and the net weight of each drum is generally 25kg or 50kg. Because Cu2O is a highly toxic chemical, it needs to be attached to a highly toxic chemical. symbols of.

What is the morphology of copper i oxide?

The shape of Cu2O is spherical, including nano-spherical cuprous oxide Cu2O

What is red copper oxide? is its color bright or dark red?

Cu2O is a brick-red powder and copper oxide. If it is in relatively humid air, it may be oxidized into black copper oxide.

As the compound with the highest copper content, the red copper oxide is widely used in inorganic compounds, and as a bactericide, the Cu2O is used in a smaller amount than other bactericidal products, but it can continue to play a bactericidal effect. The leader in sterilization products

cuprous oxide supplier-yosoar1

As an anti-fogging agent, the Cu2O is a normal and essential part of the soil, sediment, and water in the ecosystem

Red copper oxide has been used for hundreds of years as the main component of the antifouling agent. Copper is an ideal choice for antifouling active substances because it is a naturally occurring material and an essential element necessary for the normal growth of all plants and animals at low concentrations. Therefore, it is a normal and essential part of the soil, sediment, and water in the ecosystem.

cuprous oxide supplier-yosoar13

How to choose Cu2O powder material? Is it possible to customize a little quantity of Cu2O?

Kunshan yosoar specializes in the production of Cu2O, you can tell us your needs and application areas, and we will help you choose the right product.

According to your application field, recommend the appropriate product parameters and make a quotation. We have the general standard products in stock. If you need a small number of samples for testing, we can also provide them.

cuprous oxide supplier-yosoar2

How to produce Cu2O with stable batch quality and control impurity?

The copper oxide is directly heated at high temperatures, and then it can be decomposed into Cu2O and oxygen. The main reason is that Cu is metallic. If the metallicity is stronger than it, it will generally not decompose. If it is more metallic, it will not decompose. If it is weak, it will decompose into metal and oxygen.

As how to control red copper oxide Cu2O’s batch quality, Kunshan Yosoar specializes in the production of Cu2O. It has a professional technical team, and factory and factory personnel strictly control the production quality to ensure the quality of each product batch.

As how to control Cu2O’s impurity,Generally, we strictly comply with the production requirements for the production of Cu2O, strictly control the impurity content in the Cu2O, and it can be used in the application fields of customers.

How to import cuprous oxide powder to Chile/USA/ Korea?

You can contact us, Kunshan yosoar specializes in the production of Cu2O, if you buy Cu2O, we will help you contact the forwarder to deliver it to your country.

Some client may ask if it is possible to get a free red copper powder sample to do tests,the answer is Yes.

According to your application areas and needs, we can provide you with Cu2O parameters and quotations. If you need sample testing, we can provide you with them, but you need to pay the corresponding shipping costs.

How to choose good Cu2O Nanoparticles manufacture?

Regarding the selection of excellent Cu2O Nanoparticles manufacturers, Kunshan yosoar is definitely one of the many high-quality choices. Kunshan yosoar has a professional scientific research team that specializes in Cu2O Nanoparticles and has factory support to meet all your needs .

In addition ,Can Nano Cu2O be used as a catalyst? The answer is sure, nano grade Cu2O have better performance than micro size ,it can be used as a catalyst, a catalyst for light, and advantages of sunlight can be used for wastewater treatment.


How about the antibacterial activity of Cu2O nanoparticles?

The antibacterial properties of Cu2O nanoparticles are stronger than those of other micron particles.

What are the chemical properties of cuprous oxide nanoparticles?

The chemical nature of cuprous oxide nanoparticles is that it is more difficult to decompose under high temperature, and it can react with acid to form copper salt and copper element, mainly because of a redox reaction of cuprous oxide nanoparticles itself.

  1. How to make Cu2O by electrolysis?
  2. Is cCu2Oa heavy metal?

cuprous oxide Cu2O is a heavy metal, because the copper in Cu2O is a heavy metal material with a density of 5 or more, and it will cause certain pollution to the environment. If ingested too much, it will cause heavy metal poisoning.

What happens if you overheat when preparing cuprous oxide nanoparticles?

If the cuprous oxide nanoparticles is overheated and oxygen is also existed, the Cu2O will generate copper oxide, but if the temperature is continuously heated and exceeds 1000 degrees, it will regenerate Cu2O.

What are the characteristics of cuprous oxide as a fungicide?

As a bactericide, cuprous oxide (Cu2O) mainly relies on the copper ions in Cu2O and the -SH, -N2H, -COOH, -OH, and other groups in the protein in the fungus or bacteria. Apricot causes the death of pathogens. The main purpose of cuprous oxide Cu2O is to play a protective role.

How is the stability of Cu2O?If the Cu2O is sealed and stored in a dark place, the stability will be better. Cuprous oxide manufacturer Yosoar suggest if it is exposed to the air, the humid environment and temperature will oxidize the cuprous oxide Cu2O and turn it into copper oxide.

Does  Cu2O have other application?

Cu2O is usually used as a catalyst in the synthesis of organic matter. It can also be used to make antifouling paints on the bottom of ships to kill low-level marine animals. It can also be used as a fungicide for crops, as well as a colorant for ceramics and enamel, and red Glass stain.

Which acids does Cu2O react with and which does not?

Regarding whether Cu2O reacts with the acid, under normal circumstances, it will react with a strong acid, but if it is an oxidizing acid, it will oxidize copper from +1 valence to +2 valence

What is the solubility of Cu2O?

Regarding the solubility of Cu2O, it can be simply divided into the following aspects. First, the cuprous oxide Cu2O is insoluble in water and alcohol, but cuprous oxide Cu2O is soluble in ammonia, hydrochloric acid, ammonium chloride, and slightly soluble in nitric acid.

What are the properties of Cu2O?

Cu2O is insoluble in water. It is a powdery product. The solution shows a blue color. The stability of Cu2O is higher than that of copper oxide at high temperatures, and it can only react with strong oxidizing acids.

The toxicity of copper i oxide related FAQ Guide

The toxicity of copper i oxide?

copper i oxide is toxic. Because the copper contained in it is a heavy metal, it will affect people and maybe poisonous. When Cu2O is used as decontamination at the bottom of a ship, it can kill low-level organisms on the seabed, thereby protecting the ship.

How to deal with copper i oxide after it contacts the skin?

If the skin is in contact with copper i oxide, rinse with soapy water or clean water in time. If it is serious, you can choose to see a doctor. If it gets into your eyes accidentally, open your eyelids and rinse with hard-flowing water for 15 minutes. If it doesn’t work, if it’s more serious, you can choose to see a doctor.

Is Cu2O harmful to the human body?

Cu2O is harmful to the human body, because Cu2O is easily oxidized and oxidized into copper oxide. Both of these contain copper. Copper is a heavy metal and is toxic. Body contact may cause discomfort. Inhalation or ingestion may cause discomfort to the human body. Cause a certain amount of damage.

What are the first aid measures for Cu2O Nanoparticles poisoning?

If Cu2O Nanoparticles is inhaled into the mouth, it may cause respiratory irritation, coughing, sore throat and other symptoms. If swallowed, it may cause poisoning. What you need to do is to drag the person away from the scene to fresh air. In places, if the person has difficulty breathing, oxygen should be given. Cuprous oxide supplier Yosoar suggest If the breathing stops, artificial respiration should be performed immediately and sent to the hospital.

What are the hazards of copper i oxide after ingestion?

Because cuprous oxide Cu2O contains heavy metal copper, ingestion of Cu2O may cause poisoning, and if it is serious, it may lead to kidney failure or death.

How to deal with the leakage of cuprous oxide ?

If a leak occurs when using red copper oxide Cu2O, what you need to do is to immediately isolate the contaminated area of the leak, and set up warning signs around it. For emergency treatment staff, you must also wear corresponding masks and goggles. Wear work clothes well, rinse with a lot of water, and put the diluted sewage into the wastewater system. If there is a large amount of leakage, sweep it up carefully to avoid dust and put it in a spare bag.

The related queations about importing Cu2O from China manufacturer

Kunshan yosoar as supplier, you can talk to us at any time to express your needs to us, we recommend suitable products, and give you a quotation. If you purchase, we will help you send you to the country you need.

Can the cu2o powder produced by Kunshan yosoar be customized?

Kunshan yosoar is a cuprous oxide manufacturer specializing in the production of Cu2O, with a wide variety of types, and can also meet customer needs and customize it. Welcome to consult at any time.

How about the price of Cu2O Nanoparticles in Kunshan yosoar supplier?

Kunshan yosoar is a product supplier that produces Cu2O Nanoparticles. It has been committed to researching Cu2O Nanoparticles for many years. Because of the support of the factory, the price of Cu2O Nanoparticles is also in line with market requirements.

What should be paid attention to in the transportation of red copper oxide?

In the process of transportation of red copper oxide, there are also several precautions. Whether it is loading or unloading, it need to be handled with care to prevent damage to the packaging bag and oxidation reaction. It cannot be transported together with strong acids, strong alkalis, and other materials. If you encounter a fire during transportation, you can use sand, water or various fire extinguishers to fight the fire.

Where does Kunshan Yosoar’s cu2o powder ship from?

Kunshan Yosoar as one of China famous Cu2O maufacurer, mainly forcus on the production of Cu2O. It is located in the beautiful Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. It has its own independent factory. Because it is close to Shanghai, the goods are usually shipped from the Kunshan factory to the Shanghai port for delivery.

Questions about purity and impurities in Cu2O?

There are impurities in Cu2O, in addition to Cu2O, there are also some chlorides, sulfates, moisture and other impurities. manufacturer can control impurities to be the lowest.

What is the purity of cu2o powder?

The purity of Cu2O includes the content of copper oxide and the content of copper. The copper oxide produced by Kunshan Yosoar has a purity of 98% and a purity of 97%. The copper content is generally about 87%. If it is nano-copper oxide, the purity is higher, about 99%. Mainly depends on the customer’s application fields and needs.

Can Cu2O and hydrogen peroxide react?

Cu2O can react with hydrogen peroxide. After the Cu2O reacts with hydrogen peroxide, it can produce copper oxide and water.

Is it easy to prepare  Cu2O by direct oxidation of metallic copper?

For samples’s production, it is easy;If you want to product large quantity ,you need to contact  Cu2O supplier Yosoar,we can provide you stabel and Tons at one time.

How does copper become cuprous oxide powder ?

First put copper and acetaldehyde together to react, it will produce Cu2O, acetic acid and water.

The preparation methods of red copper oxide FAQ guide

As cuprous oxide supplier ,we are glad to share some information about the preparation methods, it is suitable to make little quantity in the Lab.

What are the preparation methods of red copper oxide?

There are several methods for preparing Cu2O, including mixing copper powder after removing impurities and copper oxide, and calcination at high temperature, after removing impurities, cuprous oxide Cu2O can be prepared, and other preparation methods include glucose reduction Method, hydrazine reduction method, electrolysis method in the direct oxidation method of iron and metal copper, and the synthesis method of glucose reduction in film solution.

How to make Cu2O from cupric oxide?

Copper oxide can be prepared into Cu2O. At high temperature, copper oxide can decompose Cu2O and oxygen. It can also dissolve copper oxide and dilute sulfuric acid. Then add excess alkali, wash copper hydroxide with water, and add Into the glucose solution, after heating, the glucose is reduced and it can be reduced to cuprous oxide Cu2O.

Under what conditions will Cu2O Nanoparticles become copper oxide?

cuprous oxide nanoparticles could be converted into copper oxide when certain conditions are met, because this transformation itself is an oxidation reaction, as long as it is in the presence of oxygen and the temperature conditions are met, it can be converted into oxidation. Copper, common cuprous oxide Cu2O, oxidizes at room temperature, and a layer of copper oxide appears on the surface.

How to prove that copper powder contains Cu2O?

Regarding how to prove that the copper powder contains Cu2O, first put the copper powder into concentrated hydrochloric acid. If the color of the solution turns blue, then it proves that the copper powder contains Cu2O. If there is no obvious change, just don’t Containing cuprous oxide Cu2O,one of the most important reason is that copper does not react with hydrochloric acid, but Cu2O will react with hydrochloric acid.


Physical properties of copper i oxide and queations about reacting with others

How does the glucose reduction method produce Cu2O?

Regarding the preparation of Cu2O, the glucose reduction method uses a mixture of glucose and copper sulfate solution and then adding sodium hydroxide solution to carry out a series of reactions. The resulting Cu2O is filtered, rinsed, and dried. Dry pulverization to obtain Cu2O products

The Cu2O supplier tells the storage method of Cu2O

After packaging in a special packaging bag, keep it in a sealed state, because if it comes in contact with air, it will oxidize to copper oxide, thereby changing its value. Cu2O should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated warehouse, and remember not to mix it with oxidants.

Why is cuprous oxide Cu2O easy to oxidize in humid air?

Cuprous oxide Cu2O is easy to be oxidized in the humid air. In fact, it is the same reason that metals are easy to rust in the humid air. Because in a humid environment, the cuprous oxide Cu2O will form a water film on the surface. If the speed increases, The oxygen dissolved in the water film is easier to contact the Cu2O. Because of the water, the product formed by the oxidation becomes the flocculent copper hydroxide, which increases the possibility of adsorbing oxygen and moisture.

Is Cu2O an alkaline oxide?

Cu2O is an alkaline oxide, and it is also an alkaline oxide that is insoluble in water. It can also react with acid and undergo its own redox reaction to form a salt and water oxide called alkaline oxide (and The product can only contain salt and water, not any other substances).

What are the physical properties of copper i oxide?

copper i oxide is a kind of red powdery alkaline oxide, which is not easily soluble in water, and turns into black copper oxide when it comes in contact with air. The density is 6.0g/mL, the melting point is 1235ºC, and it will quickly turn blue in the water

Does Cu2O react faster with concentrated nitric acid or with dilute nitric acid?

Under normal circumstances, the reaction between Cu2O and concentrated nitric acid is faster. There are the following reasons. First of all, when other conditions remain unchanged, one of the factors that affect the rate of chemical reaction is concentration. If the concentration of reactants is increased, the rate of reaction will increase. However, concentrated nitric acid is equivalent to dilute nitric acid. Increase the concentration of reactants, so the reaction between cuprous oxide Cu2O and concentrated nitric acid is faster.

What effect does silver have on the electrical properties of copper i oxide?

Regarding whether silver has an effect on copper i oxide,Cuprous oxide manufacturer Yosoar think if silver and Cu2O are mixed, when the temperature is 600℃ and 800℃, silver can be converted into AgO, forming AgO impurities in the Cu2O, which actually affects the Cu2O In terms of it, there will be no impact.

At high temperatures, will Cu2O react in the air to form copper ii oxide?

If Cu2O was put in the air, if heated, will produce black copper oxide powder, but copper oxide will also release oxygen at a higher temperature, thereby forming cuprous oxide Cu2O, so, in general, the Cu2O Copper is stable at high temperatures and will not be oxidized.

Is cuprous oxide Cu2O conductive? Is the conductivity good?

Among general metal materials, silver has the best conductivity, followed by copper, and cuprous oxide Cu2O is a semiconductor material that is conductive.

How does Cu2O react with dilute sulfuric acid?

Cu2O can react with dilute sulfuric acid. Adding a certain amount of Cu2O and dilute sulfuric acid will form a blue solution to produce copper sulfate, copper, and water.

Is Cu2O soluble in water?

Cu2O is an oxide of copper, and it is not only an alkaline oxide but also not easily soluble in water.


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