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    Full Certification Metallic Powder Pigment Manufacturer

    Kunshan Yosoar is a certified company that provides the customers with the best possible services and facilities. You can understand the quality production and management of Kunshan Yosoar by the fact that it has received an ISO9001 certification.

    These metallic powder are mostly used for the synthesis and production of different types of paints and coatings. These powder pigments are made from flakes of different metals. These flakes can either be of copper, zinc, aluminum or alloys of these metals. These metallic powder pigments will provide an overall a aesthetic look and appearance to the surface on which these are applied.

    Kunshan Yosoar is definitely a certified metallic powder pigments manufacturer in China.

    Surface modification

    Some copper-gold powders have high wettability and poor flotation performance, and are rarely able to meet the current printing requirements, so they need to be modified by surface coating.
    Surface coating can well change the wettability, floatability and gloss of copper-gold powder. In the experiment of surface-coated copper-gold powder, the wettability of copper-gold powder coated with 1% sodium laurate decreased the most, and after 3 The floatability of copper-gold powder coated with % Tween-80 increased the most, and the gloss of copper-zinc powder coated with 2% stearic acid was the highest, which increased from 54.4 to 78.1.

    Surface modification
    Overcoat layer of copper and gold powder

    Overcoat layer of copper and gold powder

    The coating layer on the copper-gold powder coating will have the following advantages: the resistance to stone base will be enhanced, the aesthetic effect of the coating film of the metal powder will be increased, and the rub-off of the metal pigment can be solved. Weather resistance can also be improved.
    Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to spray the overcoat layer, and it is only used when the requirements are very high.

    Yosoar: Your Reliable Metallic Powder Pigment Supplier in China

    The metallic powder pigment being manufactured at Kunshan Yosoar is absolutely pure. Further, the overall quality of these metallic powder is also amazing. These metallic powder pigments can be used for making of paints and coatings. Automotive paints also utilize these pigments. These coatings also provide protection against corrosion and thermal damage as well to the surfaces on which these are applied.

    This certification is all about the high-quality production standards as well as an overall amazing management system. Kunshan Yosoar is also a powder pigment manufacturer. You can easily avail high-quality of these metallic powder pigments from Kunshan Yosoar and can use them according to your requirements.

    Without any doubt, Yosoar is the China’s most trusted metallic powder supplier. You can have metallic powder pigment form Kunshan Yosoar at quite reasonable price and the quality will also be amazing.

    bronze powder bronze powder

    What does the term pigment powder imply?

    Why are these known as the pigments called as the powder pigments?

    Basically, if we consider the meaning of the term pigment powder, then this term actually refers to the powders that are used to give color to different paints etc. Or in other words, we can also refer it to that these pigment powders are colors that are present in powder form. If you are interested to know what these pigment powders are, then you can simply understand these by the concept that these specific pigment powders can be associated and linked with being colored chalks. But one aspect here is that these chalks of color are present in their grounded or powdered form. So, this would indeed be the exact representation of a pigment powder.

    Now, if we account for the reason behind calling these bronze metallic powder pigments, then it is solely because of their specific appearance. These pigment powders, as their name indicates are present in the powder form. Because of this powdery appearance, these pigments are referred to as being pigment powders. So, the main reason is the powdery appearance of these pigments because of which are known to be the powder pigments.

    gold pigment powder-30

    Give me an overview of pigment powders.

    Write a detailed note on the pigment powders.

    The easiest way to understand a pigment powder is to consider these as colored chalks. Pigment is actually something that is used for giving or adding a color to something. So, these bronze powder coating are colors and these are used in order to add color to something. For example, you can use these pigment powders to add color in different kind of paints. Similarly, for other coloring purposes, these pigment powders can also be utilized. These are in reality pigments that are present in their extremely finely divided or chopped form. Because of this appearance, these pigment powders are referred as to be grounded colored chalks. Further, these powders of pigments can be used in any paint type material to give it the specific color of that pigment. It is considered to be the main usages of these pigment powders. These are used in order to give a paint the required color. Another basic aspect regarding to the pigment powders is that these pigment powders usually have their own specific name. These names are based on the color that these pigment powders usually impart. So, based on the output colors, these pigment powders have varying names as well. So, it is the general perspective of pigment powders that are used to give colors to various paints and similar materials.

    Do these metallic powder pigments have metals in them?

    Although the pigment powders are pigments that are present in powdered form, but what is understood by the metallic pigment powders? What is the main reason behind calling these pigments as metallic powder pigments?

    Indeed, we know that pigment powders are referred to those types of pigments that are present in their powder form but apart from these pigment powders, there also exists metallic powder pigments as well. And if we take a look at these bronze powder price, then these kind of pigment powders actually consists of metallic flakes. This means that these pigments usually have various types of metallic flakes in these and because of the presence of these metallic flakes, these are referred to as metallic powder. Therefore, based on this fact, we can easily conclude that yes! The pigments do contain metals in these. These metals are not present in some huge solid form, rather the metal in these pigment powders is present in the flakes or platelets form.

    gold pigment powder-29

    So, based on this aspect, we can say that the presence of the metallic flakes or metallic platelets is the sole and the main reason behind calling such pigment powders as metallic powder pigments.

    What are the several different types of metals that can be used in such metallic powder pigments?

    What kind of metal flakes are used in the making of powder pigments? What is the main reason behind using these metallic flakes in such pigment powders?

    As it has been accounted earlier that the powder coat bronze do consists of metallic flakes in them. These flakes or platelets that are present in such metallic powder can be of different metals. For example, if we consider the mostly used metal flakes or platelets for this purpose, then these will include the flakes of aluminum, zinc, copper and its alloys etc. So, these metal flakes are used in this purpose. Actually, aluminum, copper and zinc are the mostly used metal flakes for this purpose. These flakes are widely used in the formation or synthesis of metallic powder pigments.

    Now, referring towards the main reason behind the use of these metallic flakes in the production of metallic powder pigments, then these metallic flakes actually provide an overall attractive appearance to the surface on which these are applied. Basically, these metallic pastes provide an overall attractive as well as an aesthetic look and appearance to the surface on which these are applied. Further, another important point that is relevant to the usage of these metallic flakes in the formation or production of powder pigments is that these pastes also provide an overall smooth and unique appearance to the surface also. So, these are the numerous reasons behind using these metallic flakes in the pigment powders.

    What do you understand by the term aluminum metallic powder pigment?

    What is the method through which this aluminum pigment powder is synthesized?

    Aluminum metallic powder pigment as its name tells us about it that it is a pigment that is present in powder form and it also has aluminum flakes in it. So, this is generally the most basic understanding of the aluminum powder pigment. It means that this powder pigment consists of aluminum flakes in it. It also has applications ranging in wide perspectives as well.

    bronze powder-123

    Now, considering about the formation or production of this aluminum powder pigment, then it is actually synthesized by firstly melting the aluminum in a gas furnace. After the burning of this aluminum in a furnace, it is then sprayed under high pressure. This spraying actually results in the creation of extreme fine granular structures that gives this pigment an overall powdery appearance. Then after the production of this aluminum powder, the pigments are produced through a method called as the wet milling technique. This wet milling technique also requires some other ingredients as well in order to make the aluminum powder into aluminum powder pigment. These ingredients actually include some mineral spirits and lubricant and the main ingredient i.e., aluminum powder. These three main ingredients are then mixed in the wet milling machine after some processes, we obtain aluminum powder pigment.

    Therefore, this can be referred to as the most commonly used method for the manufacturing or producing of aluminum powder pigment. For the synthesis of aluminum pigment powder, we firstly have to synthesize the aluminum powder and then make use of the wet milling technique and some other ingredients as well to manufacture aluminum pigment powder.

    Aluminum pigment is one of the types of metallic powder pigments that exist.

    Referring to this aluminum powder pigment, tell me the detailed process regarding to the formation of this metallic powder? What are the required ingredients for this process?

    Aluminum pigments are actually synthesized by making use of a process called as the wet milling technique. This process of wet milling is done in the presence of water and a coupling agent as well. The main reason behind the use of this coupling agent is that it will allow the miscibility of water in the overall slurry that is present in this process. This whole wet milling process ensures the production and synthesis of high-quality of aluminum pigments. If we consider about some of the basic components or ingredients that are used in this wet milling technique, then it includes mineral spirits or some similar solvents.

    So, if we talk about the overall process being involved in the synthesizing of this aluminum powder pigment, then the main key ingredients for this process include aluminum powder, mineral spirits and some kind of lubricant. These three basic ingredients are combined and mixed together into a wet milling machine and these result in the production of aluminum pigments that are present in powder form. So, this is indeed a basic and an overall method that is utilized in this regard.

    What is the overall color and sparkle of these aluminum based metallic powder pigments?

    Do these aluminum powder pigments have bright colors and sparking effects?

    If we conclude about the overall appearance of these aluminum powder pigments, then these pigments do have a liquid metal appearance. Not only this, but these pigments also have quite bright sparkle and shine as well. These aluminum pigments are very bright and have a sparkling appearance. We can also call this sparkling as the glittering effect as well. The paints that make use of these aluminum powder pigments also acquire these aluminum pigment properties as well. The paints and coatings containing aluminum pigment in them also have a shinier appearance and provide with an extremely bright looking surface. Therefore, we can definitely conclude this by saying that the aluminum powder pigment is widely used metallic powder pigment that provides a shiny and bright color to the surface on which it is applied and it also has sparkling or glittering effects as well.

    gold pigment powder-28

    What are some of the basic and most common applications of the aluminum based metallic powder pigments?

    What are some of the ways in which this sparkling aluminum pigment is utilized?

    Aluminum based powder pigments do have applications on wide range of basis. If we consider it in an overall perspective, then these metallic powder pigments are mostly utilized in the production and manufacturing of paints and coatings that can be used for different number of purposes. For example, such metallic powder pigments are used in the making of paints and coatings for the automotive industry. Therefore, we can come up to the conclusion that the aluminum powder pigment is used in the paints for the automobiles industry. Apart from this, different surfaces are also coated with such metallic pigments in order to provide them with shiny and bright as well as sparkling appearance. For example, different ornaments that we see and observe in Christmas are sprayed with these aluminum powder pigments. These pigments then provide these ornaments with shiny and sparkling or glittering effects and provide them with an aesthetic look and appearance. So, decorative applications also act as the main usage of these aluminum based metallic powder pigments.

    gold pigment powder-25

    Do metallic powder pigments also exist other than aluminum-based pigments?

    What are some of the other powder pigments that exist? Also, apart from coatings and decorative applications, do these powder pigments also have other usages and benefits as well? What are these benefits?

    Basically, these metallic pigments are made up of different metals. As we have already covered it in detail about the aluminum based metallic powder pigment. Other than this aluminum powder pigment, there are some other metals as well that are used for this purpose. These other metals being utilized in the synthesis of metallic powder pigments include copper, zinc, and alloys of these metals. All of these are used in order to produce high-quality of metallic powder pigments. These powder pigments are then used for a large number for works such as making coatings and paints for different surfaces. Apart from coatings, these also have decorative applications also.

    Well, considering about some other applications of these powder pigments, then other than coatings and decorative applications, these metallic pigments also have functional properties as well. For example, these metallic powder pigments are used as corrosion resistant substances. These powder pigments also provide durability to the surfaces on which these are applied. This durability is usually in terms of their thermal durability and resistance to corrosion. The surfaces on which these pigments are applied usually last longer and bear the thermal damages as well. Such surfaces last longer than surfaces without these metallic pigments on them. Further, these surfaces having these metallic powder pigments on them are mostly resistant to corrosion as well. So, all of these are basically some of the prominent characteristics of powder pigments that are retained on the surfaces on which these are applied.

    What is one of the top selling metallic pigment based color?

    What are the fields or industries that utilizes this specific metallic powder pigment-based color? Also tell me regarding to the metal that is used for the synthesis of this specific color?

    gold pigment powder-121

    If we talk about one of the most selling metallic pigment-based color, then it would probably be the metallic silver color. Yes! This metallic silver color is surely one of them most selling color at a global level. Now, referring to the different fields or industries making use of this metallic silver color, then without any doubt, the industry that utilizes this metallic silver color the most is the automotive industry. As we see that a lot of vehicles and automobiles have metallic silver color and it also looks quite decent and attractive as well. So, this metallic silver color is used for this purpose. However, this automotive industry is not the only industry that is utilizing this metallic color, rather, other industries such as different decorative industries also utilize this color as well. Different coatings on different surfaces are made while utilizing this metallic silver color. So, the use of this top selling metallic color is not limited to automotive industries, rather, it is used in some of the other fields also.

    Now, regarding to the metal that is used for the manufacturing or synthesizing process of this metallic silver color, then this metallic silver color is produced through using aluminum powder pigment flakes. These aluminum flakes are used in order to produce the amazing and eye-catching metallic silver color. Apart from silver, other related tinted finishes are also made by using these aluminum flakes as well. This aluminum flake also provides resistance against corrosion and also thermal durability to the layers or coatings of this paint as well.

    gold bronze powder-26

    Therefore, based on all of this, we conclude that metallic silver is one of the top selling metallic powders pigment-based color and has wide range of usages as well.

    What are the probable applications of the gold color based metallic power pigment?

    Does there exist any metallic powder pigment that can be utilized in order for the synthesis of a color that will be similar to that of gold?

    Indeed, there are a large variety of colors available that can be formed through using these metallic powder pigments. As already we have taken look at one of the top selling metallic silver colors. Similarly, other colors are also available that are formed through these metallic pigments. If we consider regarding to the metallic golden or the gold bronze color, then it is made by using flakes of copper or related metal alloys such as copper zinc etc. So, these flakes of copper result in the synthesis of gold bronze metallic pigments as well and if we account for the main usage of these pigments, then these are widely utilized in order for various decorative purposes. These gold color based metallic powder pigments have applications in various decorative purposes and apart from these, it can also be utilized in doing various coatings on different surfaces as well. So, following were the usual usages of these powder pigments that result in the creation of gold or related color.

    Do you have these metallic powder pigments available at Kunshan Yosoar?

    What is the basic quality of these powder pigments that you have? How do you verify the quality of these powder pigments?

    Indeed, we have a wide range of metallic powder pigments from which you can choose. At Kunshan Yosoar, you can definitely get any of the required metallic pigment. We manufacture high-quality of these powder pigments in our company and also try to provide our customers with the best services. Furthermore, if we refer to the overall quality of these metallic pigments that we have at Kunshan Yosoar, then we definitely aim to provide the best services and facilities to our customers. Because of this, we can definitely claim that such powder pigments that we have at Kunshan Yosoar are absolutely pure and regarding to their quality, these are absolutely amazing. You can utilize these powder pigments in any required way and the overall quality of these pigments will remain outstanding.

    For the verification purpose, we have a team of experts that verify each batch of the metallic powder pigments that is produced in our labs. After the complete verification and analysis of these pigments, these are further sent for sale. Therefore, the experts at Kunshan Yosoar ensure that our customers receive high-quality and 100% pure power pigments that they can use in any required way.

    gold pigment powder-22

    Do you have different packaging available for these metallic powder pigments?

    What are the usual package sizes that the customers can get?

    We can definitely provide our customers with top-quality and pure powder pigments. You can use these pigments for the required purposes. If we take an overview regarding to the basic packaging stuff, then usually we provide these powder pigments to our customers in boxes or containers. These powder pigment containers come in different sizes as well. For example, if you require small amount of these metallic powder pigments, then you can have a small box of packaging but if you require these powder pigments in large amount, then you can go for the bigger container packaging as well. So, it all basically depends upon your need and requirement but what I would conclude is that you surely have different packaging options available.

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