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  • Automatic cuprous oxide Production Line

Your Ideal Chemical Powder And Metal Powders Manufacturer

  • Over 20 years of metal powders manufacture,such as Copper powder,Cuprous oxide,Copper oxide
  • Enterprise engaged in the research, production, application and sales
  • Wide range of uses, suitable for multiple industries
  • The production process strictly complies with international industry standards
  • Professional doctoral team, strong R&D ability

All Types of Chemical Powderto Support Your Research and Business

As a leader in China’s chemical industry, we have been engaged in the production of chemical powders, such as cuprous oxide(Cu2O), for up to 20 years.

We supply a variety of metal powders, such as copper oxide, cuprous oxide(Cu2O), copper powder, copper sulfate, zinc oxide, etc.

Our chemical powder has different specifications, divided into nano-level and micro-level

  • Yosoar's chemical powders

All Types of Chemical Powder And Metal Powder
to Support Your Research

Silver coated copper powder

Size: 10um / 5um / 17um and customize size  Ag content: 10% / 5%  / 3% / 20% and customize content… Read More

Cuprous oxide CU2O- China Yosoar

Cuprous  oxide (Cupric oxide)can be used as antifouling paints, fungicide,pigment,catalic agent… Read More

copper oxide CUO

Product Name: copper 1 oxide  Color:Black   ;Chemical formula: CuO    Shape:Spherical … Read More

Nano copper powder - China Yosoar

Nano copper powder has the grain size of 10nm,50nm,100nm,200nm,300nm ,it has high purity… Read More

Copper sulfate pentahydrate

CuSO4.5H2O Synonym: Blue Vitriol, Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate, Cupric sulfate pentahydrate, Sulfuric acid, ,… Read More

Nickel Coated Graphite Powder- China Yosoar

Nickel coated graphite powder can have different particle size , different nickel contents and different shapes… Read More

electrolytic copper powder-- China Yosoar

Dendritic copper powder’s features are low apparent density, high specific surface area, high purity… Read More

lver plated glass microbead

Other name:hollow glass microsheres ; Shape:Hollow sphere  Use :Electromagnetic shielding… Read More

Nano Zince oxide-China Yosoar

Zinc oxide is white powder, stability in room temperature, good hiding power and tint reducing power… Read More

Chemical Powders And Metal Powders Factory to Support Your Application

Whether you want to do scientific research or industrialized mass production, Yosoar can meet your requirements

The powders we produce carry out high standards, high production capacity, high quality inspections, and strictly control the quality of different batches of products.One of  the most popular products is Cuprous oxide, which is sold well in many countries . Our company has advanced production technology and the production scale is leading in China. Our company produces electrolytic cuprous oxide and nano cuprous oxide

Our relevant certifications include ISO, SGS, Rohs, etc. When sending the bulk of Cuprous oxide, we will also send COA, TDS, MSDS etc.

Why is Yosoar Recognized by The Whole World
-Over 1000 Customers

Strong Producing Strength And Large Quantity In Stock

More than 20000 square meter factory area,Yosoar has Large acapacity  for any types of chemical powder.such as cuprous oxide (Cu2O) can achieve 300 tons per month

Lead in Scientific Research

We have a Ph.D. research team,honored with science and technology research institution by the government.

Specializing in Nano materials and Micro materials

Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) ,cupric oxide powder ,copper sulfate ,copper oxide ,zinc oxide and so on

Wide range of applications

Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) and other powders has widely application,such as electronics, anti-bacterial field, catalysts, aerospace, metallurgy, Pharmacy,lubricating oil and so on.

Have rich experience in foreign export

We can provide different export certificates for different countries, such as dangerous package certificate, certificate of origin, Reach certification, etc.

Good After-sales Service

From product delivery to shipping and customs clearance, we will follow up the cargo Cuprous oxide (Cu2O)situation in real time until the customer receives the cargo safely.

Who Use
Yosoar’s Chemical Powders And Metal Powders

Production Enterprise

If you are a production-oriented enterprise with a large demand for raw materials such as Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) and want high-quality and affordable products, you can get to know us. We will provide you a sample to do tests and provide you solutions in your using field.

Chemical Trading Company

We provide the most favorable long-term cooperation prices for trading companies, and provide full technical support to help you get the order. Including Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) anf all the products we sell. In addition, we will provide you the most competitive price.

Research Institutions and Schools

We not only have regular standard products but also support customization, there is no minimum order quantity requirement for Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) and others.We provide strong support for your new project development.

Cuprous oxide chemical powder factory-ChinaYosoar

Yosoar Chemical Powders And Metal Powders
Manufacturing Equipment

Cuprous oxide's factory-Yosoar
Chemical powder's factory
Chemical powder's package-China Yosoar
Chemical powder's package
cuprous oxide's production line-China Yosoar
Automatic production line



    Do you have any MOQ for Chemical powders?

    We do not have MOQ demand for every product, we can manufacture Cuprous oxide (Cu2O), copper powder, copper oxide,spherical copper powder, atomized copper powder, dendritic copper powder, ultrafine copper powder, cupric oxide powder,silver-coated copper powder, Copper sulfate pentahydrate, Nickel coated graphite, silver powder,zinc oxide nanoparticles and others from 0.1kg

    Can I visit your Chemical powders manufacturing factory in China?

    Welcome to visit our Cuprous oxide factory in Suzhou China. Fly to Shanghai directly,it is very convenient.

    Do you have experience in exporting chemicals?

    The export of chemicals such as Cuprous oxide and silver-coated copper powder are very strict, we have rich experience in exporting to different countries.

    Can you send us your certification?

    You just need to inform us of the certificate we want, such as Cuprous oxide , silver-coated copper powder. we will provide specific testing reports from authoritative international institutions.

    What is the payment methods?

    The payment method can be negotiated by both parties, and the payment can be made in USD account and Alibaba International Store.

    Does Yosoar only manufacture chemical powders?

    We not only have chemical powders such as cuprous oxide and silver-coated copper powder, we also have various conductive pastes, conductive inks, silver paste, copper paste and so on.

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