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    A factory that is specializing in the manufacturing and formation of conductive copper paste

    Kunshan Yosoar produces professional conductive copper paste, which has vast applications for the shielding of materials. The main material of conductive copper paste is composed of copper powder. Kunshan Yosoar has indeed got a wide variety of copper powders, including different shapes and varying particle sizes as well, that can generally be provided according to customer requirements Suitable product.

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    Copper powder, thermosetting resin, organic solvent and other modifiers are mixed to form copper paste.

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    An isolation layer can be formed on the metal surface, which can effectively prevent corrosion.

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    It can be used for lubrication and corrosion protection for high thermal stress connections.

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    Used as a lubricant, it can keep metal parts working longer and wear less.

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    Prevent the wear of steel to titanium, magnesium and other hard metals.

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    It can be used for soldering, and it has electrical and thermal conductivity.

    Used in screen printing

    Because copper paste is composed of copper particles and other thermosetting resins, it can be used well in screen printing, mainly because it has high printability, low irritating odor, and high oxidation resistance.
    When in use, it is easier to operate, and has good electrical conductivity, hardness, and adhesion.

    copper paste Using For screen printing-China Yosoar
    copper paste Using For Soldering-China Yosoar

    Used in Soldering

    Soldering is a welding method that uses a low melting point metal solder to heat and melt, and then penetrate and fill the gap between the metal parts.
    Weldable conductive copper paste is dried with special diluent, but the dosage should not exceed 5%. The viscosity of the system is extremely sensitive to the diluent. Each time you add a very small amount of gradual test, you should use it up in time after opening the cover.

    Yosoar: Detailed information on conductive copper paste

    Under high-temperature conditions, this powder of copper can be easily oxidized into copper oxide, which is non-conductive, so when the sintering process of this powder takes place, the air must be isolated. Under normal circumstances, we use nitrogen for protection.

    Conductive copper paste can also be cured at indeed low temperature, and the conductive paste of copper that is manufactured in our labs at Kunshan yosoar has good adhesion and good printability. Generally, it does not need to be electroplated but can be directly soldered. The fact is that it is indeed highly flexible whenever it is used.Conductive copper paste can also be diluted when a special thinner is added to it, but it should be taken into consideration that the amount not to exceed 5%.Kunshan yosoar’s copper paste should be stored at 0-5°C and can be stored for 3 months!

    The copper paste produced by Kunshan Yosoar can be soldered and applied to PCB and seat shielding materials related application fields. Another application of this paste is that you can apply it on keyboards and the output electrode printing of solar panels.

    Compared with traditional metal welding, the copper paste produced by Kunshan yosoar has the advantages of more convenience and simplicity.

    Below are  Conductive Copper PasteFAQ guide:

    Model of Paste

    Is conductive copper paste toxic?

    It is toxic under normal circumstances, but if it is directly ingested into the human body and just touched with your hands or body, it will be fine. Copper paste is a relatively safe colloid dispersed by nano-copper powder. If ingested, it will be poisonous because it will Reacts with things in the stomach, causing heavy metal poisoning.

    Which conductive copper ink or conductive silver paste is more suitable for use on PCB boards?

    First of all, if we consider the electrical conductivity as well as the thermal conductivity, conductive silver paste is better than conductive copper paste, especially after curing, the overall resistance offered by silver is tens or even hundreds of times lower when compared to that of copper, and after curing, the effect of silver paste on the stability is much more when compared to that of copper paste. Even when it is cured for a long time, it will have no effect on the conductivity. However, it will be easily oxidized for a long time, which will have a prominent effect on the conductivity. Therefore, conductive silver paste is more suitable than conductive copper ink. Used on the PCB board.

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    What is the role of copper paste sintering?

    There are two functions of copper ink sintering. If we talk about the first one, then it is the removal the organic carrier in the drying film, which is removed under the phenomenon of the sintering furnace smoke. The other is that the glass in the paste of copper can be completely melted and bonded with the copper powder of the metal, thereby promoting the mutual penetration and bonding that is present among the copper powder, or between the copper powder and the body, and is the temperature The faster the decrease, the higher the overall viscosity of the glass will form a chain network structure between the film layers, and the copper film can be formed, which has the advantages of conductivity, solder resistance and adhesion.

    Under normal circumstances, copper slurry sintering process is performed under the protection of nitrogen. The general sintering system includes heating rate, sintering temperature, cooling rate and so on.

    How to dilute the solderable conductive copper paste when it dries?

    If the solderable conductive copper ink dries, we maliciously use a special thinner, but it should be kept in consideration that the overall amount should not exceed 5%. Because the viscosity of the system is generally sensitive to the diluent, a small amount should be added for each test in order to carry out a step-by-step experiment, and it should be used up in time after opening the lid.

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    Will the conductive copper paste oxidize and turn black during placement?

    Conductive copper ink will oxidize and turn black during placement because copper paste has higher chances of getting oxidized than silver paste, and the conductive effect is not as good as silver paste. Copper is more likely to be oxidized. If the package is opened, it should be used up as soon as possible. If the time is longer, the efficacy will gradually decrease, and as a result, it will ultimately lead to the failure of the conductive copper ink.

    What is basically a copper paste and how can i identify this specific paste?

    If we consider this copper, then it is basically referred to as the high-temperature anti-seize lubricant. The identification of this paste is that it has a similar color to that of copper and this copper colored paste is generally composed of copper powder along with the addition of some anti-oxidants as well as some anti-wear additives. All of these basic ingredients are suspended into a premium oil.

    At Kunshan Yosoar, how do you manufacture this copper paste?

    At Kunshan Yosoar, we aim to develop a high quality of copper ink for our customers. If we take into consideration the main formulation of this copper ink, then it basically includes a premium grade stable oil and this oil contains some additional additives as well in it. These additives include some of the anti-oxidants along with some anti-wear and anti-corrosion ingredients. All of these additives are present in the stable oil. So these are indeed some of the general additives of this copper powder paste that we manufacture at Kunshan Yosoar.

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    Does the copper powder that you make has any impurities added into it?

    The copper ink that we manufacture at Kunshan Yosoar is indeed free from impurities. This has no additional impurities in it. As already discussed that this paste of copper only contains some anti-oxidants and some anti-wear additives only. Apart from this, the copper ink that we manufacture has no additional use of sulfur, nickel or lead in it. Therefore, this

    is free from impurities. The main impurities that are present in copper ink include lead and nickel, and these are not present in the copper ink that is manufactured in our labs.

    What is the general appearance of this copper paste that you manufacture?

    If we talk about the composition of this copper ink that is manufactured at Kunshan Yosoar, then this copper ink contains some additives including the anti-wear as well as anti-oxidants in it. As these additives are present in some kind of oil, this basically gives the copper ink an overall homogeneous appearance. Therefore, in terms of appearance, this copper paste is homogeneous whereas when it comes to the color, then it has a color that is exactly that of copper. This has a color that varies from orange to red, or we can say that this paste has a reddish color appearance.

    What is the basic oil that is present in the copper ink?

    The production or manufacturing of copper involves the use of some oil. All of the additives that include the anti-wear along with some anti-oxidants etc, are added into this basic oil. The basic oil that is used in the copper ink that we manufacture is the mineral oil. This is mostly the canola oil. Therefore, canola oil acts as the main medium into which other additives are added. Now you may be wondering about the quantity of this mineral oil present in the copper ink. Although this quantity of mineral oil present in the paste may differ but if we talk about some average quantity of this oil, then it is present in the paste approximately about 77-78%. This indeed means that the canola oil makes up about 78% of this.

    Whar are some of the major applications of this copper paste?

    This copper ink has indeed got some vast applications and usages. This is mainly used on bolted joints. It is also applied on some clamped interfaces as well as flanges and fasteners etc. If we talk about the use of this copper ink at such surfaces, then this copper paste is used because it basically prevents the seizing and corrosion of these surfaces. Apart from this, it also helps in easing the overall disassembly of the mechanical joints that are present in certain machines. One of the main working principal if this paste is that it simply prevents falling and seizing go mechanical joints and parts of various machines.

    What are the benefits of using copper is such compounds?

    There is no doubt that most of the anti-seize compounds contain copper as one of the main ingredients. This is because the copper powder has some amazing features and properties that allow it to be used in such compounds and after all, it turns out to be way more effective in this regard. As we can see that most of anti-seize compounds containing copper can be used in extreme high temperatures and apart from this, copper-containing anti-seize compounds protect the metal parts under extreme heat and pressure. These create a long-lasting protective film and apparently resist burnout and corrosion. Ultimately providing best benefits that are required.

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    What are some of the properties that this copper paste or the anti-seize compound provides?

    This copper ink has indeed got a vast range of applications, especially in the mechanical world. This copper paste basically provides resistance against corrosion and rusting properties. Apart from these, this copper ink also provides an excellent reduction to the overall friction of such components. It also results in easing the overall disassembly of mechanical parts of machineries. Similarly, it is also known in regarding galvanic corrosion. It not only provides resistance to galvanic corrosion but it also provides resistance against corrosion that is caused by saltwater. Besides these, an important aspect of this is that it is generally compatible with all types of metals and provides amazing and astonishing results within a limited time span.

    Introduction of copper paste related knowledge

    Which major industries use copper paste?

    As already stated that copper has got numerous wide range applications. There are a lot of industries that make use of this copper ink or some similar anti-seize compounds. This is used in certain foundries, steel mils and chemical plants as well. Apart from these, this copper ink has also got many applications in mining, diesel and gasoline engines. It also has vast applications in automobile industry as well. Shipyards, motors and mechanical industries are also some places that make.use of this. Rather, we can say that this copper has wide applications.

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    Copper paste is an anti-seize lubricant, so what is the general composition of this paste?

    We definitely know that the copper is indeed a high-temperature anti-seize lubricant and has many benefits and applications in a variety of industries as well. If we take into consideration the formulation of such anti-seize compounds, then the most fraction or part of such compounds consists of some kind of base oil. Like in the case of copper ink, the base oil is mostly canola oil. This oil is present in almost more than 70% of quantity. Apart from this, the copper ink includes a high-quality copper powder of some specific shape and size. Similarly, the copper paste also contains anti-wear and anti-corrosion ingredients as well. So ultimately, this is the overall composition of the copper ink that we manufacture at Kunshan Yosoar.

    What kind of copper powder do you use in this paste?

    The copper paste that we manufacture is based on the micronized copper powder along with some additives that mainly include anti-oxidants as well as anti-wear compounds. All of these are submerged into a premium and much stable oil that is present in a large volume quantity of the paste. The copper powder that is mostly used in this paste is of spherical shape. This is because the spherical-shaped copper y is the most effective in lubrication processes. Further, if we consider the size of the copper powder that is used in this paste, then it mostly has ultra fine copper powder.

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    What are some of the main benefits of using copper paste?

    Copper paste has indeed many benefits that we may encounter in our daily lives. This is mostly used as a lubricant. It is also used in regards to prevent the seizing of the mechanical parts of the machines. Apart from this, it is also used to prevent the corrosion of such parts of machinery and it also stops the rusting of these parts as well. This is indeed one of the best lubricants available in the market. It prevents the wear and tear of moving parts of machineries and overall stops the growth of scales and also prevents the rusting of the moving parts. All of these benefits happen to the metallic parts and it is also very much effective to those metal parts of machineries that are exposed to high temperature as well as high pressure. It is very effective in their protection. Another aspect of this paste is that you can also use it in order to work as a heat transfer paste. This is because of the properties of this copper ink that make it a useful product to be used in such away.

    Therefore, apart from seizing of mechanical parts, it also performs variety of other functions and benefits as well.

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    How does the copper paste prevent the corrosion of mechanical parts?

    Copper paste is basically an anti-seize compound that has vast number of applications. It has many benefits and can be used in various regards. As we know that copper ink has properties that allow it to prevent the corrosion and rusting of metal parts. All of this happens in such a way that the copper ink generally forms a layer between the metal surfaces. Basically this separating layer that forms between the metal surfaces prevent the rusting and corrosion of the metal parts and ultimately is very beneficial. Furthermore another aspect to this phenomenon is that it is very much effective even at the extremes of temperature. Therefore, this copper generally acts as a layer and prevents the metal to metal contact and acts as a lubricant, and provides lubrication to these connecting metal parts and as a result, the corrosion is reduced to much lower extent.

    Is there any significant use of copper paste in ships?

    This is definitely useful in ships and related works. As ships contain many mechanical parts and metal components that are required to be protected against corrosion and resistance. Therefore, you can definitely use this copper ink in this regard. This will ultimately benefit you in preventing the seizure if the moving mechanical as well as metal parts of the ship. This copper paste will also prevent the corrosion of these metal parts that happens die to humid conditions. Therefore, this is quite effective in this regard as it will help in preventing the rusting and corrosion of the parts of the ship. Similarly, because of high humid as well as saline conditions, the corrosion of the metal parts is also increased and this could be a severe issue in ships. This could be solved by the use of this paste of copper that will prevent this and ultimately will be most effective even at extreme conditions of temperature as well as pressure.

    What is one of the most effective things to be present in such anti-seizing pastes?

    One of the most important quality that an anti-seize compound should have and that will indeed make it the best is that such compounds should have a high quantity of active metal. The anti-seize compounds should have a paste that would be very thick. It means that it should have a relatively high density and viscosity as well. Apart from this, it should also have a high concentration or high quantity of active metals present in it. Furthermore, the overall amount of grease present in such pastes should also be very less. So these are some of the characteristics that when fulfilled will provide you with the best anti-seize paste ever.

    The copper ink that we manufacture at Kunshan Yosoar is indeed one of the best copper ink. Our manufactured copper ink has very high thickness and the total amount or quantity of active metal ingredients is also very high. Apart from this, it also has very little grease in it. Further, our copper ink is free from impurities such as it doesn’t have nickel or lead in it. Therefore, the copper paste that we manufacture is of high quality.

    Is the copper paste effective in its working at extreme temperature and pressure?

    As already stated that this is made in order to be used in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. This copper ink contains some inhibitors of corrosion and oxidation in it. All of these are added to a mineral oil. This oil also contains ultra fine-sized copper powder particles. This paste is very much effective in its working and overall functioning at extreme temperatures as well. If we take into consideration the numerical value of temperature at which this copper ink works best, then this is most effective at temperatures ranging around 1100°C. This copper paste can fully work in an effective manner at temperature around 2000° F. It is indeed a very high-temperature range but still at such a temperature, this copper ink is perfect in performing its functions.

    Does this copper paste work effectively under extreme conditions?

    This copper ink works even at the extremes of temperature and pressure as well. As already stated that this copper ink will definitely work effectively even at high conditions of temperature and pressure. This copper ink will definitely not soften or harden even at such varying temperature ranges. Apart from this, it works effectively at the temperature range of 1100° C or 2000° F. Now if we discuss about the functioning of this copper ink, then it definitely provides permanent protection against corrosion and rusting phenomenon. This definitely has got some amazing anti-seize properties and these properties are fully functional at extreme temperatures as well.

    How does copper paste prevent galvanic corrosion?

    If we talk about galvanic corrosion, then it simply implies the process in which one metal corrodes and this metal basically corrodes because of the presence or because of the contact with another metal. So we can indeed say that such corrosion occurs when there are two metals and the corrosion occurs because if these metals. This is generally referred to as the galvanic corrosion.

    Now referring to the use of copper ink in this regard, the copper ink is definitely effective and beneficial for preventing such galvanic corrosion. The copper ink basically forms a kind of layer between these two metal surfaces and prevents their contact with each other. When there will be no contact among the metal surfaces, then no corrosion will take place. Ultimately it will prevent the rusting and corrosion of such metal parts of machineries.

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    I wanted to know that whether the copper paste is toxic or not?

    The copper ink is not that much toxic when working with it. But one thing should be kept in mind that while working with this paste, an individual should definitely keep into account the precautionary measures and should take some protection steps that would be beneficial. What I would suggest that with normal precautionary measures, this copper ink would not be that much toxic externally. But if an individual swallows it or inhales this copper ink, then the things could definitely get worse. When inhaled in the form of smoke or copper ink dust, this will cause some serious respiratory tract infections and issues. Apart from this, when ingested, this copper ink will become more poisonous as it contains some active metal particles. These metal particles will resukt in a reaction in the stomach and internal body and this could eventually lead to extreme metal poisoning.

    Henceforth externally, this is not that much harmful but if you swallow it, then it will cause some extreme damage internally and will ultimately cause metal poisoning and in this regard it could be highly toxic

    Is this copper paste effective for all types of joints and sliding surfaces that are made of metal?

    This is indeed effective for all types of joints and sliding surfaces. This is mainly made for the protection of metal parts of heavy functioning machineries against the rusting and of the metal parts. This is also very effective in terms of lubricating such metal surfaces. This is most effective to be used on plugs, screws, threaded joints and bushings, etc. This copper ink prevents the wear and tear of the mechanical parts and also prevents the rusting and corrosion of these parts. It forms a kind of layer between the metal surfaces and prevents their direct contact. Ultimately preventing galvanic corrosion.

    Therefore, this copper ink has indeed got many wide applications and is extremely beneficial in its use in the mechanical world.

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