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    Kunshan Yosoar is a leading name in the field of metal powder and related product manufacturers. The company has also got certification from different organizations as well. The company is known for x high-quality products that it manufactures. Kunshan Yosoar has also received certification from the ISO9001.

    From Kunshan Yosoar, you will get high-quality and absolutely pure conductive copper ink that you can utilize for various applications and processes.

    Used in automobile glass

    As an electronic paste, copper ink can be used on automobile glass. Compared with silver paste, copper paste is more expensive, and copper paste is cheaper, so copper paste can be used instead of silver paste.
    Used in printing and manufacturing on automotive glass hot wires, it can have good electrical properties and oxidation resistance.

    copper ink Using For automobile glass-China Yosoar
    copper ink Using For Soldering-China Yosoar

    Used in Soldering

    As a low-temperature-curing solderable conductive paste, copper paste has good conductivity, viscosity, and printability, and can well meet the silk-screen printing requirements of circuit boards.
    It is suitable for screen printing, and the printing effect is best after mixing with slow scrolling for more than 4 hours before use.

    Yosoar: Your Reliable Copper Ink Supplier in China

    Yosoar is definitely one of the trusted names when it comes to metal powder and related products manufacturers. The company has made its name and elevated it to new heights as well. You can get high-quality products from Yosoar. This specific company is indeed one of the most trusted suppliers of such metal related products in China.

    This certification by ISO9001 was regarding to the high-end management and performance of the company as well as about the production system. Kunshan Yosoar manufactures high-quality cooper ink.

    You can utilize this copper paste in various processes. You can use this copper ink in metallic printing applications as well as in formation of various kinds of electronic circuits. Further, this copper ink can also be used for the production and synthesis of different health monitoring systems as well. Yeh field of robotics also makes use of such conductive copper metal inks.

    Yosoar can provide you high-quality copper ink that you can make use of in various purposes. Further, for any information regarding to any of such products, then you can also have it from the professionals available at Kunshan Yosoar.

    Model of Paste

    What does the term copper ink imply?

    Well, if we account for that what actually is copper ink, then this is basically a kind of ink, as its name indicates and this ink also has a large variety of applications and purposes as well. This copper ink is in reality a free-flowing ink that is metallic in nature. So, this is the general perspective of the term copper paste that it is a type of metallic paste or flowing fluid that appears to be like ink and it has a metallic appearance as well.

    copper ink (3)

    Now, referring to the second aspect of the question, then indeed, this is nothing that is similar to an ink that is used for writing purposes. Indeed, there are various kinds of inks that are easily available and present in the market but those inks are used for writing purposes whereas, this copper paste has no applications in the writing field. Rather, this ink is utilized for electrical printing purposes. This particular ink that is composed of copper basically is utilized in the formation of printed electronic circuits.

    Does this copper ink only exist in copper metal?

    If we take account of that what is this ink made of, then according to my opinion, the answer to this question lies within the name of this ink. As this ink is usually named coper paste, therefore, it indeed depicts that this particular type of ink is mainly composed or made up of copper metal. Although, the copper metal would have undergone various processes and reactions so that it can be used for this electronic ink purposes but still, we can say that copper acts as the main or the key ingredient of such as that are utilized in electronic printing inks purposes and applications.

    Does this copper ink have some other related names as well?

    If yes, then tell me about the other related names of this copper paste?

    copper ink (2)

    If we take into account some of the other probable names that are used for this copper paste, then indeed there are other related names of this ink also. It actually depends and relies upon the language or the properties of the substance about which you are referring to. Based on some properties, these compounds can have varying names or other related names as well. As the copper ink is concerned, then indeed this copper pastehas some other related and similar names as well. Such as, this is called as the 3D printing copper paste and conductive copper ink. So, these are the other related names of this.

    If you are wondering that why this is called as conductive copper paste, then the answer is probably because this ink is actually a conductive metallic ink, and based on this aspect or property, this ink is called as conductive copper paste. Similar is the case with 3D printing copper ink, because this specific type of electrical printing ink is also utilized for 3D printing purposes.

    Therefore, based on these properties, this ink has been given such synonyms or related names.

    What are some of the physical aspects and properties of this?

    What are the physical characteristics of this copper paste? What is the overall appearance of this copper ink?

    If we talk and consider some of the physical characteristics and features of this copper paste, then as the name indicates that it is actually a kind of ink, and as we know that most of the inks have a liquid appearance. Similar is the case and scenario with this copper paste as it has a liquid appearance. It occurs in the form of a free-flowing ink or a free-flowing fluid. Therefore, based on this property of freely flowing, it has been named as the ink of copper. This aspect of the copper ink also talks about the physical appearance and form of this ink. It Indicates that this ink is present in the appearance of a liquid and it also has the ability and property that is similar to inks i.e., it can move freely and can flow from one place to another place.

    copper ink (4)

    So, I would rather say that freely flowing liquid or fluid is the best word that would describe the physical appearance of this copper paste or conductive copper ink.

    What is the melting and boiling point of the conductive copper ink?

     Also tell me that what are the values of these melting and boiling points of copper paste on a Fahrenheit scale as well?

    Firstly, if we refer to the melting point of the copper ink, then the average melting point of this copper paste that has been recorded is approximately equal to 1085°C. This is indeed the average melting point for this specific type of metallic conductive ink of copper. If we consider this value according to the Fahrenheit scale, then in according to this Fahrenheit scale, the value of the melting point of copper ink would be approximately equal to 1985°F. So, this is the melting point according to the Fahrenheit scale for temperature measurement.

    Now, secondly, referring to the boiling point of this, then this ink that is metallic in nature has a boiling point equal to 2562°C. This is true quite a high boiling point temperature. Now, if we refer to the same aspect i.e., the boiling point of the conductive copper paste according to the Fahrenheit scale, then this scale will have a value of 4643.6°F. So, this is the boiling point of this specific conductive ink of copper in the Fahrenheit scale of temperature measurement.

    So, these were the melting and boiling points for the conductive copper according to the scale values of Celsius and Fahrenheit scales of temperature measurements.

    Tell me that what is the molecular formula of this conductive copper ink?

    Also tell me the molecular weight for the same conductive ink of copper metal? What are the molecular aspects of this?

    copper ink (5)

    Firstly, if we account for the molecular formula of the copper paste, then this copper paste has the molecular formula of Cu. This Cu actually represents the copper metal. It is the molecular formula of copper metal and it represents that this specific conductive copper paste consists of copper metal. So, this Cu also acts as the molecular formula for this copper metal.

    Now, if we account for the molecular weight of the conductive copper paste, then the molecular weight of this compound is equal to 63.55g/mol. So, this is also the molecular weight of the copper metal. Therefore, these are the molecular weight and molecular formula of the conductive copper ink.

    What are some of the other related chemical aspects and properties of the copper paste?

    What are the chemical characteristics of conductive copper ink that are used in electrical printing purposes?

    The copper conductive ink is indeed the most widely used conductive ink of copper. This has some amazing and unique physical and chemical properties as well. If we consider some of the chemical characteristics that are related to this conductive ink, then they are as follows. This specific type of conductive ink has the molecular formula of Cu. This Cu is the representation that is used for the representation of the copper metal. Apart from this molecular formula, the molecular weight of copper paste is about 63.55g/mol. Similarly, the melting point of the copper ink is approximately equal to 1085°C while the boiling point of this ink is usually around 2562°C.

    copper ink (6)

    Apart from these chemical aspects, if we talk about other properties, then the copper has a density that is approximately equal to 8.96g/cm³. This is the usual and apparent density of this specific ink. As this copper ink has electrical printing ink applications, therefore, we should also consider some of the electrical properties as well. Firstly, the electrical resistivity of this specific ink is equal to 0.39kJ/kg K. This is the electrical resistivity of this compound. Similarly, the electronegativity of this copper paste also equals 1.9 Paulings.  Further, if we account for the heat of vaporization of this compound, then the copper has a heat of vaporization approximately equal to 300.4kJ/mol. Whereas, if we consider the heat of fusion of the same conductive ink of copper, then it has a heat of fusion approximately equal to 13.26kJ/mol. Lastly, if talking about the Young’s Modulus of this conductive copper ink, then it usually lies between 110-130 GPa.

    What metals can be used to make conductive inks with metallic properties?

    Which metals can be used other than copper for manufacturing metallic conductive inks?

    If we consider the metallic inks, then these basically consist of metals as their name indicates. For the purpose of manufacturing and producing such metallic inks, different metals are used for this specific purpose. If we take into account some of the prominent metals that are used for this specific purpose of creating and producing metallic inks that would be conducive in nature, then mostly silver, copper, and gold are used in this regard. These metal elements have been in use for a comparatively longer time period for the production of metallic conductive inks.

    Therefore, gold, silver, and copper act as the key or main metal elements while referring to the production of metallic inks that could be utilized for various purposes.

    copper ink (7)

    Which of the following metallic conductive inks has the best properties or characteristics?

    As copper, silver and gold are used for the production of metallic inks, so, which one of these is the best option to consider? Which metallic ink is widely used?

    Indeed, copper, gold, and silver are the key metals that are utilized in the manufacturing of conductive ink. Out of these metals, the specific metal that is widely used for producing metallic inks is copper metal. The reason behind the fact that why is copper ink most widely used is that the copper element has some amazing characteristics and properties that make it act as the best suitable option in this regard. So, this copper has some properties that make it the most suitable metal that could be used for the production of conductive metallic inks.

    Now, referring to some of the properties due to which this copper ink acts as the best metallic conductive ink, then the most important thing about the copper metal is that this copper metal has high electrical and thermal conductivity. This is the main property that acts as the key principle for conductive metallic ink. A conductive metallic ink should definitely have a comparatively high electrical and thermal conductivity and copper is the best possible option among these metal elements.

    copper ink (8)

    Apart from having high electrical and thermal conductivity, another aspect about this copper being used in metallic inks is that copper is also a less expensive metal as compared to silver and gold. Therefore, in terms of the effectiveness of the cost, copper is also the best considerable option.

    Lastly, another important property and aspect of this copper metal being used in such conductive metallic inks are that this copper metal is also available easily and abundantly. Because of its easy availability, this copper metal is also widely used in the production and synthesis of metallic conductive inks. Therefore, based on the above discussion, we can conclude that copper ink is one of the most widely used metallic ink for various purposes.

    What are some of the advantages that copper ink has over other related metallic inks?

    In the category of metallic conductive inks, how is copper paste a good option to consider? What is the plus point of this copper ink?

    As already stated, that indeed, this is the most widely used metallic conductive ink. This copper rink has various applications and when it comes to selecting metallic conductive ink, most individuals consider choosing copper paste. Indeed, copper paste has some advantages over other metallic inks. For instance, copper paste has a comparatively higher electrical as well as thermal conductivity. This high conductivity in terms of thermal and electrical make this ink the best suitable option. Similarly, apart from the conductivity aspect, the copper paste is also comparatively cheap or we can say less expensive. The cost-effectiveness of the copper ink makes it a good option to consider. Furthermore, the availability of this is not that much of an issue. So, the easy availability of copper paste also enables it to act as the best option.

    copper ink (9)

    Therefore, these are some of the plus points regarding this. These aspects enable this ink to be widely used. Further, the overall performance of this specific copper ink is also amazing.

    Does this conductive copper ink have low resistivity?

    What is the other term that we can use for this electrical resistivity? Is it an important aspect for copper-based ink to have comparatively low resistivity?

    If we first talk about copper paste, then definitely this copper ink has a low resistivity. As already stated that the copper paste as its name indicates, is composed of copper and copper is one of the metallic elements that have one of the best electrical and thermal conductivities. If we talk about the resistivity of this copper metal, then this specific metal has a low resistivity that approximately equals to 1.68Wcm. This is definitely a quite low resistivity and it offers a plus point for the use of this copper metal in the form of conductive ink.

    copper ink (10)

    Now, referring to another term that can represent this low resistivity, then definitely this low resistivity can also be called the high electrical conductivity. By considering these terms, we can conclude that both of these aspects or terms mean the same. Low resistivity and high electrical conductivity are the same aspects of this copper metal. Therefore, in place of saying low resistivity, we can also mention that the copper metal has a comparatively high electrical conductivity.

    Further, we can also conclude that having low resistivity is definitely a plus point for the copper metal being utilized in the production of copper ink. A good conductive metallic ink should definitely have a low resistivity and similar is the situation with copper ink. So, this ink is a good option to consider and is also widely used because of the amazing properties and characteristics that this conductive metallic ink has.

    What are the applications of conductive copper inks?

    Does this conductive metallic ink have applications related to the electrical field or industry?

    copper ink (11)

    If we basically take into account the specific applications of this copper-based conductive metallic ink, then indeed this copper paste has wide usages and applications. If we consider the main application regarding this, then this specific metallic conductive ink is widely used in products related to electrical industries. For instance, this copper ink that is conductive in nature is widely used in the field of robotics and electronics-related circuits. Further, different kinds of electronic circuits also utilize this. Another important usage or application that is related to this copper ink is that this specific metallic ink that is conductive in its nature is also widely used in the optoelectronics field as well. Similarly, different health monitoring systems also utilize this conductive copper paste. Furthermore, different types of semiconductor devices also utilize this conductive copper paste. Indeed, we can conclude that copper-based conductive metallic ink has a wide range of usages in the field of electronics.

    Are there different types of copper based inks?

    What are the different categories that exist related to copper ink?

    Indeed, the copper based conductive metallic ink exists in different categories. For example, if we consider some of these copper paste categories, then this is found as micro-sized powders, copper complex, nanowire as well as nanoparticles. So, these are indeed the main four categories in which copper paste usually exists.

    Another important aspect about these different categories of copper paste is that these different metallic conductive inks have varying applications related to their specific categories. So, this is the overall perspective of the different categories of the copper ink.

    Do you have copper ink available at Kunshan Yosoar?

    What is the overall quality of the copper ink that you have?

    copper ink (12)

    Indeed, at Kunshan Yosoar, we produce and manufacture high-quality conductive metallic inks as well. Out of these metallic inks, we definitely have the copper ink as well. You can utilize this copper ink in various processes. So, we surely have stock available related to this.

    Referring to the quality of the copper ink that we have, then I would rather say that the Kunshan Yosoar has been in this field for a relatively longer time period. The company has always aimed to deliver high-quality products to its customers. Based on our previous reputation, I can assure you that you will definitely get high-quality and absolutely pure conductive copper paste from Yosoar.

    copper ink (1)

    Further, apart from the availability of high-quality and pure copper ink, you can also get guidance and information related to this. At Kunshan Yosoar, we have professionals who have quite an experience related to these products. If you need any kind of information regarding to the usage and appointment or about any other aspect of the copper ink, then you can definitely have it from these professionals at Kunshan Yosoar.

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