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    Full Certification Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

    Kunshan Yosoar is a high-quality manufacturer of metal oxides and powders. The company is indeed one of the most trusted manufacturers of zinc oxide nanoparticles. Kunshan Yosoar has also been certified by ISO9001 for the quality standards as well as the management system. The zinc oxide nanoparticles manufactured by this company has ultra-fine particle size. The zinc oxide nanoparticles have a much larger surface area as compared to the size of the particles and this makes it an excellent as well as an efficient catalyst. The zinc oxide nanoparticles are used as bulking and filling agents. They are also utilized in cosmetics and medical-related products because of their antibacterial properties and characteristics.

    Zinc Oxide Powder (2)

    Zinc oxide is a mild astringent and can be stored below 25°C.

    Zinc Oxide Powder10

    It has soothing, protective and weak anti-corrosion properties.

    Zinc Oxide Powder (4)

    Provide a physical barrier to prevent skin irritation and help heal damaged skin.

    Zinc Oxide Powder (6)

    It can also reflect ultraviolet radiation and be used as a physical sunscreen.

    Zinc Oxide Powder (3)

    Zinc oxide is a topical skin product used as a protective coating.

    zinc oxide powder-57

    Zinc oxide is a topical skin product used as a protective coating.

    Used in sunscreen

    Nano-zinc oxide can be used as a sunscreen, mainly because nano-zinc oxide can block ultraviolet rays very effectively and protect the skin from the sun, which can lead to skin cancer, sunburn or premature skin aging.
    When using zinc oxide, control the concentration of zinc oxide in the formula to ensure that the product does not have an impact on the environment. At present, nano zinc oxide is safe, and it is unlikely to penetrate the inner layer of the skin during use.

    Nano Zinc Oxide Using For sunscreen -China Yosoar
    Nano Zinc Oxide Using For plastics-China Yosoar

    Used in plastics

    In the plastics industry, nano-zinc oxide can be used to prevent discoloration, ensure thermal stability and product transparency. There are many plastic products that can be used, such as stretch films, packaging, food industry additives and textiles.
    Zno has high gloss, refractive index and optimal particle size. This provides a high degree of whiteness and dyeing strength for rubber products such as tire sidewalls, sheets and surgical gloves.

    Yosoar: Nano Zinc Oxide Supplier in China

    Compared with the traditional zinc oxide, the oxide of zinc that is manufactured by Kunshan yosoar has a much larger specific surface area as well as higher chemical rate of activity. If we consider the fineness, purity and particle shape of the overall product, then it is highly adjustable as according to the requirement. Apart from this, it also has a photochemical effect as well as a better performance regarding to UV shielding.

    Kunshan yosoar’s zinc oxide nanoparticles is widely used in sunscreen cosmetics, functional fibers, self-cleaning antibacterial glass, sanitary ware, sewage treatment and photocatalysis products.

    Kunshan Yosoar produces zinc oxide nanoparticles, indirect zinc oxide and zinc oxide dispersions, and has various morphologies of spherical flakes, and are ultimately beneficial in the manufacturing of plastics, silicate products, synthetic rubber, lubricants, paint coatings, ointments, and adhesives In the production of chemicals, food, batteries, flame retardants and other products.

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    Model of Zinc Oxide

    What is basically meant by nano zinc oxide?

    Why are they called zinc oxide nanoparticles?

    I would simply say that the zno nanoparticles simply means and refer to the nanoparticles of the compound zinc oxide. Further, as the name indicates that these particles of this compound zinc oxide have Nano-sized particles. It implies that the particles of this specific compound usually have sizes within the nanometric scale values and are indeed quite small-sized. So, this is the main reason that why the particles of this compound are called nanoparticles. This is only because of the size that they have. These particles mostly have a diameter that is usually not more than 100 nanometers. So, based on their size, these particles of zinc oxide are called nano zinc oxide.

    nano zinc oxide

    What are some of the properties and characteristics of nano zinc oxide?

    What are some of the unique properties of this zinc oxide compound?

    Indeed, these zinc oxide nanoparticles have amazing properties and these properties do distinguish them from other compounds as well. For instance, one of the main properties of these nanoparticles is their surface area. If we take into consideration the overall surface area of these particles, then these have got a relatively large surface area, and this large surface area is basically compared to their sizes. These nanoparticles have a much larger surface area when we compare it to that of their specific size and this is one of the main aspects that explain their chemical properties such as their act as an efficient catalyst. As this oxide has molecules having a large surface area, then it definitely improves their catalytic activity and because of this property, it is said that nano zinc oxide has high catalytic activity.

    Furthermore, if we talk about some of the other properties of these zinc oxide nanoparticles, then these properties are basically based on the method or the way in which these are synthesized. As these nano zinc oxides are synthesized in different ways, so we can say that each different synthesis method for this compound results in different properties and characteristics of this compound. So, these were some of the facts that were related to the properties and characteristics of nano zinc oxide.

    nano zinc oxide

    What is the main importance of nano zinc oxide?

    How these particles are unique in themselves? Does the nano zinc oxide have the most productivity when it comes to the nanoparticles?

    The zinc oxide powder is indeed quite important and widely used. Their importance and usage could be easily understood by looking at the aspect that these zinc oxide nanoparticles are indeed one of the most manufactured nanomaterials. This zinc oxide nanomaterial basically comes in the top three most manufactured and produced nanomaterials and therefore, we can make an idea about its importance and usage. Further, if we consider the other two most-produced nanomaterials, then these basically include the titanium dioxide nanoparticles, and the silicon dioxide nanoparticles are also in the same list. So, these three are indeed the most widely used and the most manufactured nanomaterials that exist.

    What are some of the uses of these nano zinc oxide?

    What is the overall use of this zinc oxide nanomaterial? How can we make use of these zinc oxide nanoparticles?

    If we basically talk about zinc oxide, then it is generally an inert white compound and this inert compound is indeed widely used as an agent for bulking and filling purposes. Also, this zinc oxide has prominent uses as a white pigment as well. However, its use is not limited to this only rather, apart from being used as a bulking and filling agent, this zno nanoparticles is also utilized in cosmetics as well as medical products. The reason is that this zinc oxide has got some properties that are related to its being antibacterial as well as a deodorant. So, because of these properties, this zinc oxide has got wide applications and is used in products related to cosmetics and hygiene products as well. Apart from this, you can also utilize this zinc oxide in medical care products as well. For instance, we can take a look at an example that this zinc oxide is present in almost every baby powder and it is also present in anti-dandruff shampoo’s as well. So, this generally tells us about the overall importance of zinc oxide in cosmetics and medical-related products.

    Another one of the main properties of this zinc oxide is that it can absorb ultraviolet rays. This is indeed a unique property that is associated with this zinc oxide and because of this property of absorbing ultraviolet rays, this zinc oxide has now become the most frequently as well as widely used compound in the sunscreens. Most of the sunscreens make use of this oxide of zinc and this is only because of its ultraviolet rays absorbing property.

    So, these were some of the uses and applications of nano zinc oxide. These are some of the most frequently used as well as one of the most widely manufactured nanomaterials.

    nano zinc oxide

    What are some of the properties of nanoparticles?

    How can we say distinguish that nanoparticles of the same material can differ from the larger particles? Is this phenomenon true in the case of zinc oxide? What makes this nano-form of zinc oxide more unique and distinguished?

    Indeed, we can say that there can be some distinguished differences present in the nanoparticles when compared to the larger particles of that same material. These differences can either be physical or chemical-based and if we take into consideration the nano zinc oxide that is used in the sunscreens, then what I would say is that various tests have been performed on these particles. These tests were physical and chemical as well. The results of these tests were quite distinguishing. If we talk about the overall structure of the small or nano-sized zinc oxide and the large zinc oxide, then these had almost exact crystal structure as well as the same ranges of shape. Apart from this, most of the other physical and chemical properties of these different-sized compounds were also the same but at one point a variation came and this was basically regarding the solubility. If we see the main difference between the normal-sized zinc oxide compared to that of the nano-sized zinc oxide, then it was regarding the solubility of these compounds that make them different from each other. The nano-form of zinc oxide is actually more soluble and has a greater solubility ratio when a comparison is made with respect to its normal form. So, this is the main difference between these two form gradients.

    Has the safety of nano zinc oxide been tested?

    If yes, then how have these tests been performed? How did these toxicology evaluations take place? What were some of the results of these tests?

    Indeed, various kinds of tests have been conducted and different toxicological evaluations also took place. Well, if we take into consideration the main tests, then these included the tests from skin irritation, internal exposure, ingestion, respiration as well as direct injection. So, these were the basic tests that had been conducted in order to check for the toxicology of nano zinc oxide. These tests were mainly regarding the harm that these zinc oxide particles may cause when these are used in sunscreens and another important aspect is that most of these tests were performed on animals.

    Now, if we talk about the results of these tests, then these were indeed quite convenient. These acute toxicity tests mostly provided us with the results of no illness. Although some tests did show a kind of illness when compared on the large scale or in a larger context, these tests showed no illness. Tests regarding skin irritation, allergies, and skin sensation were also conducted but still, the results to a much larger extent were normal.  Although some tests depicted some mild irritations but still, overall, the results were quite convincing and normal. So, these were the overall results of these tests that were conducted for determining the toxicity of oxide of zinc.

    nano zinc oxide

    Does nano zinc oxide cause any damage to the individual's DNA?

    Can these nano-sized zinc oxide particles cause any changes or damage to the chromosomes of an organism?

    Well, what I would refer to or say is that various tests have been conducted on different species of organisms regarding the effect that whether any damage can be caused because of the nano-sized zinc oxide particles, but the results didn’t show any such signs. Further, scientists have not been able to gather any kind of evidence in this regard. No conclusive evidence has been gathered regarding the damage that is caused by the zno nanoparticles on the DNA or the chromosomes of an organism. But what is concluded mostly based on the research is that indeed no zinc oxide can actually pass through the skin and apart from this, there are indeed negligible chances of this oxide causing any damage to the DNA or the chromosomes of an organism.

    Therefore, based on the above-stated experimentation and statements, what has been concluded is that the nano zinc oxide does not cause harm and damage to any extent to the DNA and chromosomes of an organism.

    What is one of the major obstacles to the way of the safety of these nanoparticles?

    What obstacle is there that limits the use of this zinc oxide nanoparticle?

    I think there do exist some obstacles in the way of the assessment of this zinc oxide nanoparticle. Especially when it is related to the use of this zinc oxide nanoparticle in cosmetics, there does exist an obstacle and that is regarding the limitations in the general validity of the non-animal clinical or laboratory tests. This surely is considered to be the main obstacle in its way regarding its use in cosmetics especially.

    I want to know that can these zinc oxide nanoparticles pass through the pores of the skin?

    Can these nano zinc oxides penetrate through the skin of an organism? What is the overall probability of this penetration?

    Well, if we consider it in a broader aspect, then particularly, these nano zinc oxide can penetrate through the epidermis but on a very small scale. A large number of clinical tests had been conducted accordingly and the results depicted that indeed, a very small amount of these nanoparticles penetrated through the skin, and apart from this, these nanoparticles were insoluble form. Apart from this, another aspect is that these nanoparticles that penetrated through the skin were of quite a low level. Indeed, the level was low to such an extent that this level was even lower than the body’s normal zinc levels. Therefore, it has been concluded based on these clinical tests that the nano zinc oxide can do penetrate the skin but at extremely low levels and further, such low levels of nano zinc oxide are not harmful at all.

    nano zinc oxide

    Do sunscreens use nano zinc oxide?

    Are these sunscreens safe to use? Do these sunscreens cause any damage to the skin of an individual? Is it reliable to use sunscreens that have nano zinc oxide in them?

    As we have already discussed that the nano zinc oxide is indeed present in sunscreens and the main reason behind their presence in sunscreens is that firstly, they provide the white color to the sunscreen, and secondly and most importantly, they protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Nanoparticles of this oxide have the ability to absorb the ultraviolet rays and this absorption of ultraviolet rays is basically helpful for individuals. Therefore, these sunscreens are very beneficial for the overall skin still taking into account the fact that they contain nano zinc oxide.

    If you apply these sunscreens on your skin, then these sunscreens that contain nano zinc oxide in them are absolutely safe to use but do not ingest such sunscreens because ingestion of such nano zinc oxide containing sunscreens can cause some internal damage. Therefore, as long as you apply these sunscreens containing zinc oxide nanoparticles externally, they are safe to use.

    Give a brief introduction to nano zinc oxide?

    What are these zinc oxide nanoparticles and what are their uses and sources as well?

    If we talk about the nano zinc oxide, then as the name indicates, these are the nano-sized particles of zinc oxide. Another fact about zinc oxide particles is that these particles are inert. Further, these nano zinc oxides are white-colored compounds and these nano-sized particles are widely used as bulking and filling agents. If we take into consideration the presence of nano zinc oxide, then these particles are basically present in glass, rubber, and some ceramic products. Furthermore, these nano zinc oxides have quite a small size and if we take a look at their surface area, then it is usually very large when compared to the size of these particles. This large surface area compared to the overall size of these particles make these particles an effective catalyst. Therefore, based on this property of these nanoparticles, these compounds are widely used in chemical industries as a catalyst and apart from this, these particles are also used in paints. The use of these particles in paint is because these particles also act as corrosion inhibitors.

    Therefore, this was a brief introduction of the nano zinc oxide. These nano-sized particles have a wide range of applications and these nano zinc oxides are indeed one of the most manufactured and produced nanomaterials in the world.

    nano zinc oxide

    Can nano zinc oxide act as antimicrobial agents?

    Is it possible to use these nano-sized particles of zinc oxide in the medicines etc.? What are some of the properties that an antimicrobial agent should possess in order to be used by humans? Does nano zinc oxide contain those properties?

    Well, if we talk about the properties that an antimicrobial agent should possess so that it can be utilized or can be used by humans include that that specific antimicrobial agent should be nontoxic. Further, that agent should not react with the food and should also not have a disagreeable smell.

    Now, if we talk about the nano zinc oxide, then these nanoparticles do have all of the above-stated properties and this makes such an inorganic metal oxide a better option to be used in antimicrobial agents. This zinc oxide fulfills all of these properties and therefore, can act as a suitable antimicrobial agent. Apart from this, this zinc oxide can also be used in medicines and packaging of food, etc. Because of these properties of nano zinc oxide, these are widely used as a good packaging material and as a preservative as well.

    Therefore, the nano zinc oxide can still be used in the field of medicines, as a preservative and it surely has antimicrobial properties that make it an effective and efficient antimicrobial agent.


    nano zinc oxide

    What are the overall benefits of this nano zinc oxide?

    How are these zinc oxide nanoparticles utilized in various fields? What are the fields that make use of these nano zinc oxide?

    If we talk about the uses of these zinc oxide nanoparticles, then definitely these nano-sized particles are used in a variety of fields. These nano zinc oxide are present in rubber, ceramics, paints and coatings. Further, what we can say is that in recent years, these nano-sized particles of zinc oxide have become of quite great importance as these nano-sized particles are being manufactured in large quantities. These zinc oxide nanoparticles have great antimicrobial properties as well as have many biological applications as well. Another important aspect of these particles is that they have low toxicity and increased use of these particles is being observed in the medical field. For instance, these nanoparticles are being used in antibacterial and anticancer fields. Their use in such fields is increasing with every passing day. Another important aspect of these particles is that they are widely being used for bioimaging. The reason behind this is that these particles have luminescent properties and these properties make them useful in this regard. Therefore, these were some of the overall benefits and uses of nano-sized particles of zinc oxide. These zinc oxide particles have definitely got many wide applications and because of these wide applications, their production is increasing with each passing day.

    What are the methods for synthesizing nano-zinc oxide?

    What are the methods through which these nano zinc oxide can be manufactured?

    nano zinc oxide usually occurs in a variety of sizes and shapes. Further, these nano zinc oxide can be synthesized and manufactured in a number of ways. These nanoparticles can be produced using different methods. For instance, one of the generally used methods for the production of nano zinc oxide is chemical precipitation. Another method is the sol-gel method. Similarly, the solid-state pyrolytic method can also be utilized for this purpose.  Further, even some biological methods are also present that can be utilized in the manufacturing of zinc oxide nanoparticles.

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