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    At Kunshan Yosoar, we produce ZnO nanoparticles also. These nanoparticles have large degree of varying applications. Mostly, the nanoparticles are used in medical related applications. These ZnO nanoparticles have very small sized particles. If we consider the particle sizes, then it lies in between 1-100nm. These are very small sized particles that we manufacture here at Yosoar.

    You can use these ZnO nanoparticles in sunscreens and these also have applications related to the medical field.

    Zinc Oxide Powder (2)

    Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound with the molecular formula ZnO.

    Zinc Oxide Powder10

    Zinc oxide is a white powder that is insoluble in water.

    Zinc Oxide Powder (4)

    ZnO exists in the earth’s crust in the form of mineral zinc ore.

    Zinc Oxide Powder (6)

    Zinc oxide is a mainly inert white compound.

    Zinc Oxide Powder (3)

    Zinc is an essential trace element, and zinc oxide is added to fertilizers.

    zinc oxide powder-57

    Zinc oxide also has antibacterial and deodorant properties.

    Used in antibacterial

    Nano-zinc oxide can be used in the field of antibacterial, because the reduction of particle size leads to increased surface reactivity of the particles, so the surface area will also increase. As a biosafety material, it also has photooxidation and photocatalysis for five chemical and biological materials. effect.
    The antibacterial activity of nano-zinc oxide can be tested by ultraviolet radiation and particle surface modification.

    ZnO Nanoparticles Using For Antibacterial-China Yosoar
    ZnO Nanoparticles Using For medicine -China Yosoar

    Used in medicine

    Nano-zinc oxide can be used as a medicine. As an external medicine, it can be used on the skin to treat chapped skin, as well as minor burns or other skin irritation. Apply the medicine directly to the area to be treated. After use, Will leave a thin layer of white residue.
    In the treatment of diaper rash, when changing diapers, you can apply zinc oxide locally and keep the diaper area clean and dry.

    Yosoar: The Most Reliable ZnO Nanoparticles Supplier in China

    Kunshan Yosoar can supply you high-quality of these ZnO nanoparticles. These nanoparticles have a uniform consistency and are extremely small in their sizes. Because of this relatively small size and an increased surface area, these nanoparticles of ZnO can be effectively used as a catalyst as well. Other uses of these nanoparticles include their use in sunscreens and some of the medications. Not only this, but you can also use these nanoparticles in the different types of industries such as rubber and paint manufacturing industries. These industries make use of these nanoparticles of ZnO for various processes. Most importantly, these ZnO nanoparticles are used in sunscreens because these particles protect the skin from harmful UV radiations.

    Further, the ZnO nanoparticles manufactured by Kunshan Yosoar also have relatively consistent sized particles.

    Yosoar is indeed one of the best metal powder manufacturers in whole of China. Kunshan Yosoar has also received certification by the ISO9001 and this certification was regarding to the high-standard of manufactured products and overall amazing management system.

    Yosoar is the most efficient ZnO nanoparticles supplier in China. You can purchase these nanoparticles in the specified packagings as well.

    Model of Zinc Oxide

    What do you imply by zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO nanoparticles)?

    What are these particles actually? Describe these nanoparticles of zinc oxide?

    Zinc oxide nanoparticles, as the name indicates that these are the nanoparticles of zinc oxide. This zinc oxide is actually represented as zinc oxide nanoparticles. If we firstly talk about this ZnO, then the zinc oxide is basically an inorganic compound. If we consider the reasons that why this ZnO is considered to be an inorganic compound, then the reason is that this compound lacks the presence of carbon and hydrogen bond. Because of the absence of these carbon-hydrogen bonds, this zinc oxide is considered to be an inorganic compound. Rather than having carbon-hydrogen bonds, it contains zinc and oxygen bonds. Therefore, because of this, it has an inorganic basis. Further, the zinc oxide exists naturally in the two crystalline forms that are common to this compound. These crystalline forms of zinc oxide are known to be wurtzite and zincblende. So, this is the basic description of the zinc oxide.

    Zinc oxide particles can exist in varying sizes. What this means is that these zinc oxide particles can have relatively large sizes as well as extremely small sizes. So, these particles that are of zinc oxide are very small in their sizes are usually referred to as ZnO nanoparticles.

    zinc oxide powder-21

    What are ZnO nanoparticles? How these are termed as nanoparticles?

    Let us firstly talk about the term nanoparticles itself. This term nanoparticles basically refers to the size of any particle. For instance, a very small particle that will have a size that will range in between 1-100nm can be regarded as being a nanoparticle. This size is said to lie within the Nano metric scale value.

    Further, considering these nanoparticles, these are extremely small and you can not observe these nanoparticles with the naked human eye. Now, you might be wondering that why these nanoparticles exist, or what is the purpose of having these nanoparticles when there are larger sized particles of the same compound available. Well, the answer to this question is that these nanoparticles basically exhibit specific properties and characteristics both physical and chemical that make them distinguishable from the larger counterparts. So, these nanoparticles are extremely beneficial in this regard.

    Therefore, now if we consider these nano zinc oxide, then the reason that why these particles of ZnO are called as ZnO nanoparticles is because of the comparative size of the particles themselves. These ZnO nanoparticles contain particles having size ranging in between 1nm to 100nm.

    What are the properties that are different among Zinc oxide and ZnO nanoparticles?

    Does a kind of difference exist between normal sized zinc oxide and nanoparticles of zinc oxide? What are the probable reasons behind this?

    zinc oxide powder-22

    Well, if we verify this aspect of the difference between normal sized or large group of particles in comparison with the nanoparticles, then there so no doubt that some kind of difference indeed exists between them. If we consider the aspect that changes from a shift from large scale of size towards an atomic scale size, then this aspect would be regarding to the change in material properties. Now, if you are considering that why this change occurs, then this is mainly because of the respective increase in the surface area and the volume ratio. This change basically leads towards a kind of domination among the surface atoms and the overall properties of the compound also change. We can account for the zinc oxide nanoparticles, in these nanoparticles, the size of these particles becomes very small and it leads towards the formation of a comparatively larger surface area, and because of this increased surface area, different optical, chemical and physical changes also occur in the overall properties of the compound.

    Therefore, based on all of this discussion, what we can surely say that zinc oxide when present in bulk material such as a sheet or in large sized particles will have different set of properties as compared to zinc oxide nanoparticles. So, generally the main reason behind this property is the change in the relative size and surface area of the particles because this surfaces area change results in the change of optical and physical characteristics of the overall compound or atoms.

    How ZnO nanoparticles act as efficient catalysts?

    What is the main reason behind this amazing catalytic activity of ZnO nanoparticles? Which factor explains it in the best way?

    Indeed, the zinc oxide nanoparticles act as an efficient catalyst. Now, if we think of the reason that why these nanoparticles act and work so efficiently, then the main reason behind this is hidden in the relative size and surface area of these nanoparticles. You can say that this surface area is the hidden feature of these nanoparticles that enables them to work so efficiently as effective catalysts.

    zinc oxide powder-23

    Considering the overall surface area of the nano zinc oxide, then they have a comparatively larger surface area as compared to their sizes. If we compare the size of these nanoparticles of zinc oxide with their own surface area, then you will observe that the surface area of the nano sized particles would be much larger than the size of these particles. So, we can assume that this larger surface area is the main reason behind the increased catalytic activity of the zinc oxide particles of nano size. Those atoms or compounds are effective catalysts that have a larger surface area because the increased surface area provides and increases the general catalytic activity.

    Therefore, the factor that best explains regarding to the increased catalytic activity of zinc oxide nanoparticles is the increased surface area of these particles.

    What is an important aspect about the ZnO nanoparticles?

    How these nanoparticles of zinc oxide are special?

    Definitely, these nano zinc oxide are very special. You can account for this fact by considering that these nanoparticles of zinc oxide are among the most produced nanoparticles. It is considered, that these nanoparticles are produced on large scale and in large quantity as well. If we check the list of the three most manufactured nanoparticles, then that lost indeed contains the zinc oxide nanoparticles as well. Other two nanoparticles that are produced excessively include the nanoparticles of titanium dioxide as well as silicon dioxide. So, these three are the mostly produced or synthesized nanoparticles in the whole world. Therefore, this is an important aspect regarding to the ZnO nanoparticles and it is the specialty of these nanoparticles that these are the mostly produced nanoparticles of any compound.

    Do the physical and chemical properties of zinc oxide nanoparticles change or vary?

    What is the factor on which these properties depend? Which is the main factor responsible for determining the properties of the nanoparticles?

    I would rather suggest that yes, the physical and chemical properties within a compound can change and vary. For instance, we have already discussed that the zinc oxide compound when present in bulk quantity having large particle sizes will have different set of characteristics and properties while if we consider the zinc oxide nanoparticles, then they will also have an entirely different set of properties and features. This usually happens because of the change in relative size and surface area. But apart from this, another factor or element is also present that can affect these properties. The physical and chemical properties of these nanoparticles also depend on another factor and this factor is basically based upon the mode of production. Yes, the mode or method through which these nanoparticles are synthesized and manufactured also puts an impact on the overall physical and chemical characteristics of these particles. Therefore, these production methods and processes are very important and essential because these determine the output characteristics in terms of physical and chemical properties of these nanoparticles of zinc oxide.

    zinc oxide powder-24

    Are there different methods through which we can manufacture zinc oxide nanoparticles?

    What are the different processes that can lead to the production of these nanoparticles of zinc oxide? Give me the names of these processes.

    If we refer to the zinc oxide nanoparticles, then these nanoparticles are usually the most widely produced and synthesized ones. The zinc oxide nanoparticles are so widely produced. Infact, these come in the category of the top three most manufactured nanoparticles.

    Yes, there are different methods and processes through the use of which you can manufacture high-quality nanoparticles of zinc oxide. All of these varying methodologies will provide you with the same results i.e., the manufacturing of ZnO nanoparticles. Now, if we consider these different methods, then you can manufacture high-quality of these nanoparticles of zinc oxide through the process of laser ablation. Various hydrothermal processes and electrochemical methods can also be utilized for carrying out the same task. Apart from these, chemical vapor deposition can also be utilized for this purpose. Some of the decomposition processes such as the thermal decomposition process also provides with these results. Similarly, some other processes such as the combustion processes and precipitation methods can also be applied for producing these nanoparticles of zinc oxide.

    Henceforth, we can concur that there are many different and varying methods and processes through which we can manufacture the nanoparticles of zinc oxide. But the different methods used for the synthesis of these nanoparticles will account for the specific type of properties that these nanoparticles will have. So, the above-mentioned methods are the ones that are used for synthesizing zinc oxide nanoparticles.

    What are the different characteristics of zinc oxide nanoparticles?

    What is the empirical formula, molecular weight and the physical form of zinc oxide nanoparticles?

    zinc oxide powder-25

    The nanoparticles of zinc oxide indeed have different properties, either physical or chemical. If we account for these properties, then firstly, we will consider the empirical formula of these nanoparticles. As we are aware of the fact that an empirical formula is the most basic formula for any compound. Therefore, for the nanoparticles of zinc oxide, the empirical formula will be ZnO. This ZnO is its empirical formula. While, apart from the empirical formula, the molecular weight of zinc oxide nanoparticles is 81.38g/mol. This is known as the molecular weight for this compound. Lastly, if we consider the physical form or shape in which this nanoparticle exists, then mostly, the zinc oxide nanoparticles are present in solid powdery form. Another aspect about these nanoparticles is that these particles or the powder of zinc oxide is usually odorless. It means that there is no specific scent or odor that is linked with this compounds powder.

    Further, talking about the melting point of zinc oxide, then it has a melting point that is approximately equal to 1975°C. No doubt that it is a high melting point. Further, the general density of ZnO is about 5.47g/cm².

    What are some of the uses and applications of zinc oxide nanoparticles?

    How are these nanoparticles used in different fields and industries? What are the specific fields that make use of ZnO nanoparticles?

    zinc oxide powder-56

    Naturally, zinc oxide occurs in the form of mineral known as the zincite. It also exists in the shape of nanoparticles. These nanoparticles of zinc oxide have large importance because of their wide range of uses. The nanoparticles of zinc oxide are used in different fields and industries. We can guess about the importance that is associated with these fields and industries by considering the fact that zinc oxide nanoparticles come in the category of the mostly produced nanoparticles. This large quantity production of zinc oxide nanoparticles depicts that these nanoparticles basically have vast range of applications and are used in large quantities.

    These nanoparticles are utilized in different industries such as the rubber industry, paints manufacturing industry and coatings as well as the field of cosmetics. All of these fields make use of the ZnO nanoparticles. Other than these fields, now the medical field is also making use of these nanoparticles. It is increasingly being used in biomedicines and related fields. So, all of these fields and industries utilize the nanoparticles of zinc oxide.

    Give me a detailed account of the uses of ZnO nanoparticles?

    For what kind of processes and work, the zinc oxide nanoparticles are used for? What kind of industries utilize these nanoparticles?

    ZnO nanoparticles are one of the most produced nanoparticles. The main reason behind this vast majority of production of these zinc oxide nanoparticles is because of their specific importance and usages. The ZnO nanoparticles are utilized in large number of industrial processes and applications. We will discuss some of the related applications of these zinc oxide nanoparticles.

    Mainly, the rubber producing factory, the glass and ceramic industry utilizes these nanoparticles of zinc oxide. There are certain chemical applications and usages associated with the zinc oxide nanoparticles as well. There are a lot of chemical reactions taking place in controlled environments. These reactions take some time to happen but these reactions can be speeded up by using some catalysts. These catalysts are mainly responsible for increasing the speed of these reactions. The ZnO nanoparticles also act as catalysts in these reactions. For example, oxidation, desulfurization reactions and other hydrogenation processes involves making use of these nanoparticles of zinc oxide as a catalyst. Therefore, it is also a major application of these nanoparticles. Zinc oxide particles are also used as trace elements and also have vast number of applications in the medical related field as well. Manufacturing of various products such as sun screens, other medications and UV protection things involve the use of the ZnO nanoparticles. Different types of cosmetic products also include the usage of such nanoparticles.

    So, following were some of the uses and applications regarding to zinc oxide nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are one of the most produced or manufactured nanoparticles because these are utilized in a lot of fields and industries.

    zinc oxide powder-58

    Is the ZnO nanoparticles used in cosmetics?

    What do you know about the use of these nanoparticles in the antibacterial applications? Do these exhibit antibacterial properties?

    If we consider this zinc oxide, then it is actually an inert compound. It is a white powdery appearing substance that has vast number of applications. Further, the zinc oxide nanoparticles also have got wide range of uses that are not limited to a specific industry. Rather, the applications of the ZnO nanoparticles are spread on large scale.

    Now, referring towards the utilization of ZnO nanoparticles in cosmetics field, then these nanoparticles are definitely used in these cosmetic products manufacturing. Different cosmetic products including the child care products and various skin care products utilize these nanoparticles. The main reason behind the use of these nanoparticles in the care and hygiene products is because of the antibacterial properties that are exhibited by the ZnO nanoparticles. Because of the occurrence of such properties, these nanoparticles are widely used for such purposes.

    Therefore, this discussion leads us towards the other part of the question. Definitely, these ZnO nanoparticles do exhibit antibacterial characteristics and because of these characteristics, it has wide applications in the medical related fields and antibacterial products etc. Different skin care and baby products include the antibacterial components in them and the zinc oxide is mostly used in this regard. It has prominent antibacterial characteristics and is used accordingly.

    Do the zinc oxide nanoparticles also have applications in the production of sun screens?

    What is the main reason behind the use of these nanoparticles in sun screens?

    The ZnO nanoparticles are used in the manufacturing of sun screens. Infact, you can say that these nanoparticles are a part or an integral component of these sun screens. Now, if we account for the reason that why these are used in sun screens, then it is basically because of the two main reasons. Because of these two aspects, the sun screens utilize these zinc oxide nanoparticles.

    zinc oxide powder-59

    The first reason behind the utilization of zinc oxide nanoparticles in sunscreen is because these nanoparticles provide an opaque appearance to the sunscreen, when it is applied. You can also say that these nanoparticles act as a pigment in these sunscreen products.

    The next and the most important reason behind the use of these nanoparticles in the sunscreens is that these nanoparticles exhibit some amazing characteristics and features. For instance, the main feature associated with these nanoparticles is that these can effectively block the UV radiations that are coming from the sun. So, these sunscreens act as a UV blocker as well. Therefore, protecting the skins of individuals from the harmful UV radiations and all of this happens because of the presence of ZnO nanoparticles in these sunscreens.

    Do you manufacture ZnO nanoparticles at Kunshan Yosoar?

    What is the overall quality of these ZnO nanoparticles that you produce?

    Kunshan Yosoar is in the industry of powder manufacturers for a comparatively longer time span and the company has also maintained its name by manufacturing high-quality products and powders.

    At Kunshan Yosoar, we do manufacture ZnO nanoparticles. The ZnO nanoparticles manufactured here are produced through various processes and methods but the overall quality of these nanoparticles is absolutely amazing. You will get highly pure ZnO nanoparticles from Yosoar. The nanoparticles of zinc oxide that we have at Yosoar are 99.9% pure. Therefore, you can consume these nanoparticles according to your needs and requirements.

    You will easily get 99.9% pure nanoparticles of zinc oxide from Yosoar. The overall quality of the products is very good.

    zinc oxide powder-60

    What is the quality of ZnO nanoparticles made by Kunshan Yosoar?

    How do you keep a check on the overall quality of your products?

    For the verification and checking of our products, we have a professional team consisting of experts whose main work is to test almost every batch of products that is manufactured by us. The team of professionals checks the overall quality of these products and if the product is unable to pass this quality check test, then it is rejected. Only high-quality products pass through this test and are available for sale.

    Similarly, the quality of ZnO nanoparticles is also checked and verified. You will get absolutely pure ZnO nanoparticles from Kunshan Yosoar.

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