The Latest Price Of Silver-coated Copper Powder: How Much Is Dendritic Silver-coated Copper Powder About One Kilogram

Dendritic silver-coated copper powder is also called dendritic silver-plated copper powder. Its advantages are good electrical conductivity, low resistivity, high dispersion and high stability, which solves the problem of oxidation resistance of copper powder and the high cost of pure silver. The problem, while ensuring the good conductivity of the product, is an ideal conductive powder. youshuo has mature production and technical processes, which can effectively control the stability of batches, and can provide spherical, flake, dendritic silver-coated copper and silver-plated copper powder with different silver content.

According to different application fields, youshuo’s dendritic silver-coated copper powder can provide silver content of 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% and other different silver content metal silver bags Copper powder.

Dendritic silver-coated copper powder is a high-performance conductive filler material with good oxidation resistance. It can be widely used in conductive adhesives, conductive materials, conductive rubber, conductive plastics, polymer slurries, static conductive coatings, as well as various fields of microelectronics technology that require conductive and static conductive, as well as electromagnetic shielding, non-conductive material surface metal Chemical processing and other industries, is a new type of conductive composite powder. Dendritic silver-coated copper powder has excellent electrical conductivity and can replace some applications of silver powder. Dendritic silver-coated copper powder has good oxidation resistance and dispersibility, and can be used in medium and low temperature slurry.

If you want to know the detailed price of dendritic silver-coated copper powder and related application parameters of dendritic silver-coated copper powder, you can contact Youshuo. This article is edited by Pancy.

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