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  • silk screen ink application yosoar (1)
    Plastic toy duck
    Application field: silk screen ink can be used on toys
  • silk screen ink application yosoar (4)
    TV set
    Application: Silk screen ink can also be used on household appliances
  • silk screen ink application yosoar (6)
    Glass ceramics
    Application: Silk screen ink can be printed on ceramics and glass
  • silk screen ink application yosoar (5)
    Coke can
    Application: Silk screen ink can be used on cola can packaging
  • silk screen ink application yosoar (7)
    Application: Suitable for 3C/IT

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    China Yosoar Full Certifications Silk Screen Ink Supplier

    Behind the sales team, Yosoar is a comprehensive ink company integrating R&D, production, and sales. At present, it mainly develops and sells screen printing ink series and various grades of screen printing ink series.

    The company has built a fully enclosed, highly automated advanced laboratory, and at the same time introduced advanced domestic and foreign manufacturing technology, organization and management are in place, and the product quality is reliable. The inks we sell have been tested and certified by a series of international and domestic certification agencies, such as the environmental labeling product certification certificate, SGS certification, and ROHS certification issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

    What are the application areas of silk screen inks?
    Used in electronics, surface decoration, and glass printing industries.
    Drying conditions for silk screen inks
    It takes 1 hour to dry to the touch at room temperature (25°C). The drying time at 80°C requires 40min, and at 150°C requires 30min. The actual baking conditions are affected by the heat transfer of the material.
    Silk screen ink characteristics
    The ink layer is bright and uniform, good color dispersion, pure color, high hardness, good adhesion, low odor, and the ink has good network flow and leveling properties, abrasion resistance, uniform fineness, and good water resistance and weather resistance.
    Silk screen ink paint film appearance
    Bright and smooth, high-brightness ink with good leveling, no pinholes, abrasion resistance, and excellent chemical resistance.

    What does the term Silk screen ink imply? What is referred to by the screen ink? Is it some special kind of ink used for a specific purpose? For which specific process, this Silk ink is used?

    Silk screen ink (5)

    Now, if we basically refer to the aspect that what does this term means, then the name itself indicates that it is a kind of ink. This Silk ink is utilized for the purpose of printing. So, we can say that it is a kind of ink that has printing applications and usages. As far as the specialty of this ink is concerned, then indeed this screen ink is a special kind of ink that is applied and used for some specific purpose or process. This specific kind of ink can be used on a large variety of surfaces that results in amazing and high-quality prints even on such varying surfaces.

    Now, referring to a specific process or method this ink is used for, then it is probably used in the screen-printing process. This screen printing has a wide aspect and nature. This screen-printing technology is used for printing applications on canvases, posters, and even fabrics as well. So, we can conclude that this kind of process is usually suitable for all kinds of product printing.

    What is meant by the term screen printing? Does this screen-printing method utilize Silk screen ink only? What is the overall concept of this screen printing?

    Firstly, referring to the term screen printing, then it basically means a process that involves pressing ink through a mesh screen in order to create a design. So, we can say that screen printing is the process that makes use of the mesh screen and ink in order to create a specific kind of design that would be printed on any specific surface. This screen printing also has got a wide range of applications and is used in a large number of industries. Another aspect is that even if we have not heard of the term screen printing, but still despite this fact, in our lives, we daily come across a number of products that are screen printed products. So, this actually depicts the importance of the screen-printing process in our daily lives. It can be used for various designs and decorations etc. So, this method plays a very important role in our daily lives.

    Silk screen ink (1)

    So, this is the general concept of screen printing and this screen printing is used for different surfaces as well. For instance, you can use this process in order to create amazing printer designs on canvases, posters, and even textiles as well. This method is also used for printing tactics and textiles.

    Now, if we consider and talk about the ink that is used for such processes, then indeed this printing technique mainly uses Silk screen ink only. This is a special kind of ink that is used for this purpose. Therefore, we can conclude that this screen-printing technique mainly uses specialized Silk screen inks only.

    What are the surfaces on which the Silk ink can be applied? On which kind of surfaces, we can use the screen printing technique through using special Silk screen inks? Is it possible to apply the screen-printing ink on wood as well?

    Silk screen inks can be applied on a large number of surfaces. Basically, if we consider the screen-printing method, then it is regarding the transfer of a kind of stenciled design or impression on some kind of specific flat surface, and this whole procedure is done by using a screen ink and a mesh screen. Now, if I refer to the surfaces on which this Silk screen ink can be applied and used in order to print some design on such surfaces through the screen-printing technique, then the most commonly used surfaces include paper and fabric. These are the surfaces on which the screen-printing technique is most commonly and most widely used.

    Now, if we account for that whether is it possible to apply Silk ink onto wood, then the answer to this question would be probably yes. Actually, screen printing ink can be applied on almost all kinds of flat and smooth surfaces and can be used to print some designs on such surfaces. There are some surfaces such as wood that require a special kind of screen inks. These Silk inks can then be definitely applied on surfaces including wood and plastic. Apart from this, an individual can even utilize this specific ink on metal as well as glass surfaces for printing some specific designs on these surfaces.

    What is the benefit of using such Silk inks that are specially made or synthesized? How this Silk screen ink is used in order to produce good quality prints on the surface on which it is applied?

    Silk screen ink (9)

    One important aspect about these screen-printing inks is that these Silk screen inks are used in order to produce some amazing vivid colors. The screen-printing method and technique make vivid colors and apart from just creating colors, this ink also works effectively on different fabrics that already have a darker color. After the application of such inks, the Silk screen ink basically lies and remains on top of the surface of paper or the fabric or even some other material on which it is applied. This stickiness to the surface on which the ink is applied basically gives the print an overall good and amazing quality. Therefore, we can say that indeed such inks can be utilized for producing some amazing and high quality of prints on various surfaces and these prints will be long lasting as well.

    Is the Silk screen ink used in the process of screen printing beneficial? How does this technique can be beneficial overall? Further, tell me that how often the Silk ink can be used in such processes?

    Silk screen ink has indeed got a lot of importance because it has definitely got a wide range of applications and usages. Now, referring to some of the overall benefits of this technique including the Silk ink, then the most beneficial aspect related to this specific process or method is that this allows the printer to print a large number of designs within a very limited time span. By using these methods individual and this printing ink, an individual can print large quantities of the same design in a relatively shorter time period and the designs themselves would be amazing and of high quality. In other words, what we can say is that due to this process or method, you can replicate the same design again and again by only using the same stencil and this can lead to the production of the same design that can be replicated and multiplied. This process leads to the creation of multiple copies of the same design that will have a good print quality as well as the good impression of the print.

    Therefore, because of this aspect, we can indeed conclude that the Silk screen ink has indeed got amazing features and properties for the overall screen-printing technique or process. Because of this, the screen-printing technique is a widely used method or process because it leads to the production of multiple copies of prints that will have the exact same design and colors as to the original print and all of this will take place in a comparatively limited time period.

    Silk screen ink (13)

    Can we make use of this Silk ink in order to produce a multicolored design? Also, tell me that rather this method can produce intense coloring as well? Which printing method is better, the Silk screen ink printing or the digital printing?

    Well, the answer to this question is probably that if you have trained professionals and an experienced printer, then what I would say is that it is definitely possible to create multicolored designs as well. It is not difficult to produce such designs that consists of multicolor, but still, for this purpose, you need to have a professional staff that has experience in this related field. This is a process that requires professionals because of the sensitive use of various kind of screen inks. A slight change or error can even lead to varying results. Therefore, professionals in this related field can easily manufacture or produce intricate and amazing designs using these specific Silk screen inks.

    Now, if we discuss that whether it is possible to produce intricate designs and intense coloring by using such screen printing inks, then the answer is probably yes. The use of Silk ink results in the production of some amazing and intense coloring as well. If we consider and make a comparison between the digital printing and this screen printing technique, then according to my opinion, the screen printing technique is somehow much better than the digital printing one. The reason that why I am considering it to be way better is that in screen printing technique, more intense colors can also be formed. This achieving a more intense kind of coloring is not possible when it comes to digital printing. So, for the purpose of achieving and having colors that are more intensely present on any kind of surface on which you are printing, then the screen printing method is much suitable option. Therefore, screen printing using the Silk screen ink is much suitable and beneficial as well.

    Are there different types and kinds of screen-printing inks available? Do the Silk inks have different forms of types? Do these inks for screen printing processes differ for the specific usages and applications?

    Indeed, the Silk screen inks utilized for printing purposes are different. These inks have different types of usages and applications as well. Furthermore, there is not only a specific brand or type of screen printing inks available. As we know that inks can have different and varying colors and characteristics, similar is the phenomenon with these Silk screen inks as well. These inks differ in terms of their characteristics and applications as well. Based on the features of a specific Silk ink, they have varying degrees of applications and purposes or processes for which these inks can be utilized.

    Silk screen ink (23)

    Now, considering the market perspective of these inks, then in the market, there are indeed many available options through which you can choose. For instance, cheap printing Silk inks are available as well as top-end inks are also available in the markets. All of this is based on the needs and requirements of the individuals and the processes for which this ink is going to be used. You can get expensive inks as well as other inks having some specific characteristics and features.

    Well, if we consider that whether these inks differ or not for various purposes, then I would rather say that these inks do differ in terms of their properties. There are indeed different types of such Silk screen inks available that can be utilized for varying purposes. Further, some screen inks are suitable for a specific type of surface or usage as well. Therefore, we can definitely say that Silk screen inks can differ for their specific applications and usages.

    What are the different types of Silk inks available in the market? Also, tell me that do you have such screen printing inks available at Kunshan Yosoar? What is the quality of these inks that you have?

    Well, if we consider the inks that are present in the market, then as already stated that the Silk screen inks that are used for printing processes have different types as well. These types provide some distinct and amazing features to each and every printing process. If we overall consider different types of inks that can be utilized for the screen-printing technique and are available in the market, then these would include plastisol inks, water-based inks, discharge inks, and acrylic inks. Apart from these types, silicone inks are also available in the market. These are the different types of inks that are used accordingly in different screen-printing applications and processes. These inks have separate and distinct features and applications as well.

    Silk screen ink (25)

    As far as the available of these inks is concerned at Kunshan Yosoar, then at our company, we definitely have approximately all of these Silk screen ink types available. From Yosoar, you can get any desired Silk ink at extremely suitable price rates and you can also get any specific type of screen ink that you want. You simply tell the professionals at our company about the requirements and your needs, our professionals will guide you about the products as well.

    The screen printing inks that we have are of extremely high quality. The main aim and goal of our company is providing the best possible services and products to our customers. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any of our products. We deliver high-quality of products. The Silk inks that we have at our company are also of the best possible quality.

    What is plastisol ink? Is this ink widely used? What is the general and overall constitution of this type of Silk screen ink? Does this ink consist of liquid plastic?

    If we consider this plastisol ink, then it is basically a type of screen-printing ink. As far as the usage of this specific ink is concerned, then indeed, this Silk screen ink that is referred to as plastisol ink, it is widely used in a lot of industries for screen printing applications and usages.

    The characteristics of this ink are that it is very durable and the print that is obtained as a result of using this ink is highly amazing and of high quality. It definitely gives fine details of the print and is highly durable as well. This plastisol ink also provides versatile options as well.

    Silk screen ink (37)

    Now, if we talk about the general composition of this plastisol ink, then this ink is basically composed of unpolymerized polyvinyl chloride along with the combination of ethylene and chlorine that are suspended in liquid plastic. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that plastisol ink consists of a kind of liquid plastic material.

    What is the durability level of this plastisol ink? Is it highly durable? Also, tell me about the shelf life of this plastisol ink as well?

    Well, if we consider it theoretically, then the shelf life of plastisol is indeed indefinite. These are highly durable ink forms of Silk screen ink and have high durability and shelf life. The main reason behind the high durability of this plastisol ink is that this kind of Silk screen ink, after the formation of its suspension, is dissolved by using the heat process. This heat process dissolving leads to the creation of an extremely durable and high-quality print on the surface that lasts for a much longer duration and time span.

    Are there any water-based Silk inks also available? What does this water-based Silk ink mean? What are the specific usages and applications of these water-based inks in screen printing techniques?

    Water-based inks are indeed also becoming the future of screen printing inks. These inks have some advantages as well as disadvantages. The probable advantage of these inks that are used in screen printing methods is that these are the inks that are mostly used when it comes to printing on cotton or other related soft surfaces and materials. For this purpose, these are the best suitable option for screen printing inks. But, if we consider the disadvantage related to these inks, then these inks are usually more transparent as compared to the plastisol ink. So, based on this perspective, we can say that the plastisol inks are a much better option as compared to the water-based inks. Otherwise, these inks are also of great importance as well.

    Silk screen ink (49)

    Do the water-based inks also have a sub-category? What is the working principle or phenomenon of these inks?

    If we consider the sub-category of water-based inks, then indeed these inks have a sub-category as well. This sub-category of water-based inks is called discharge ink. These discharge inks are also very unique and versatile as well. If we consider the most important phenomenon of these discharge inks, then I would say that these are just magical inks because these inks form a design and print that actually looks to be a part of the fabric itself. So, it gives a kind of magical appearance to the clothing on which it is applied.

    If we consider the working principle of the discharge-based Silk ink type, then these inks basically work on the basis of certain chemical reactions. The working phenomenon of these Silk screen inks is about bleaching off the dye from the surface on which it is applied. But these discharge screen inks are also less opaque than the plastisol inks.

    Are there other types of Silk screen inks also available apart from the water-based, plastisol, or discharge-based inks? What are the other types of such screen printing inks?

    There are indeed other types of Silk screen inks also available apart from the discharge ink, water-based inks, and plastisol ink as well. The other types of screen printing inks include acrylic ink and silicone ink.

    The acrylic inks are also becoming very famous in the screen printing field just as the water-based inks. The main distinguishing feature of these acrylic inks is that these specific inks that are used in screen printing techniques have the ability to dry quickly in the air. So, we can sum up all of this by saying that these inks have to ability to quickly air dry themselves. So, this is the main distinguishing and Amazon characteristic of these screen printing inks.

    As far as silicone ink is considered, then it is actually one of the most expensive ink that is available in the market that comes into the category of screen-printing ink. This silicone ink has a high performance and high quality as well. Most of the screen printers are unable to use these inks, because they probably lack the knowledge for utilizing this ink or they lack the equipment that is needed for this purpose. So, silicone-based silk screen ink is an expensive ink that is used for screen printing purposes.

    So, these are the other kinds and types of silk screen inks that exist.

    Silk screen ink (46)

    At Kunshan Yosoar, do you have these Silk screen inks available? Also, tell me what is the quality of such inks that you have?

    Indeed, at Kunshan Yosoar, we have high-quality of Silk inks available. You can definitely utilize these Silk inks in any screen-printing application you want. As far as the availability of these inks is concerned, then you definitely have to be tension-free. Furthermore, the quality of these inks that are used in screen printing processes is very high. At our company, we have high-quality and top-level Silk screen inks available. You can select any desired ink for screen printing that you want from our company and you can also receive guidance related to it as well.

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