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    Kunshan Yosoar has indeed developed its name in the industry or market of powder manufacturers. This company has I deed become one of the most widely trusted one when it comes the high-quality manufacturers of metal powders. You can definitely not doubt the quality management and production standards of Kunshan Yosoar because it has been certified by the ISO9001.

    At Kunshan Yosoar, you can definitely get high-quality and absolutely pure gold powder at quite reasonable prices as well. We deliver absolutely pure products to our customers.

    Gold Powder used for spraying

    Gold Powder can be used for spraying. Generally, it is used for spraying or ink. It is recommended that you choose 1000-mesh Gold Powder. The main reason is that the 1000-mesh copper-gold powder particles are small and the spraying effect will be better.
    After spraying, it can achieve a brilliant shiny effect, and because of the fine particles of copper and gold powder, this pigment will produce a soft tone.

    Gold Powder Using For spraying -China Yosoar
    Gold Powder Using For textiles -China Yosoar

    Gold Powder used for textiles

    With the continuous development of modern industry, many textile printing processes are constantly improving. This kind of pigment can have a shiny effect and can be used on fabrics to sparkle.
    Generally, when choosing a garment factory, choose Gold Powder with strong metallic sense, good stability, good covering property, and strong oxidation resistance, and the effect will be better.

    Yosoar——Your Reliable Gold Powder Supplier in China

    Our company Yosoar has become a symbol of excellence and trust in the market of power manufacturers. The company has maintained its name and is further moving towards success. We have a highly professional team of individuals that make high quality products for our customers. We try to deliver our level best and high-quality of metal powders for our customers. This depicts that customer satisfaction is our top most priority.

    At Kunshan Yosoar, the professionals manufacture high-quality of gold powder as well. This bronze powder is usually used for various purposes such as decorations and other related applications. This gold powder is also utilized in jewelry and fashion industries as well. Furthermore, different industries related to coatings and pigments also make use of this bronze powder for various decorative and coating purposes.

    This certification by ISO9001 depicts the high-quality production and management standards of the company.

    Yosoar is one of the biggest suppliers of bronze powder in China. You can have high-quality of gold powder from Yosoar.

    bronze powder bronze powder

    What is meant by the term gold powder? Does this powder contain real gold?

    bronze powder-123

    If we talk about the Gold Bronze Powder, then it is basically gold. Yes, you heard it right. We can also call it the gold dust. This gold dust is absolutely gold but with the aspect that it is just present in the form of powder. So, because of the appearance or form, this gold dust is also referred to as being called bronze powder.

    Now, if we discuss that whether this is pure gold, then it may or may not have impurities in it but the fact is that it is indeed gold and there is no doubt in that. The only aspect is that this gold is present in powder form and is true of gold. Further, its impurities can vary but the bronze powder that we have at Kunshan Yosoar is 99.9% pure.

    What is the natural occurrence of this gold powder? Does this gold also have different forms?

    Well, basically the gold powder is just gold that has a powdery appearance and nature. It has a fine shape that resembles any kind of fine powder. Further, the color is also golden and if we consider the occurrence of the usually occurring gold, then it is mostly obtained from gold-bearing ores. Gold is mostly obtained from its respective ores. So, the gold is extracted from its ores and then after processing, it is available like pure gold.

    Further, apart from its extraction from ores, this gold is available in different forms and appearances. It can either be in the form of gold dust or bronze powder. Gold nuggets or gold concentrates are also various forms of gold. It is available just like gold nuggets or grains and is usually obtained from the respective gold ores. So, these are all the different forms in which gold can occur and these forms also include bronze powder as well.

    Tell me about the appearance of the bronze powder that you have at Kunshan Yosoar?

    gold pigment powder-30

    At Kunshan Yosoar, we have high-quality gold powder. The bronze powder that we have is extremely pure and amazing. You can utilize it in different fields. Now, if we refer to the appearance of this powder that we have, then the name of this substance indicates that it is present in the form of powder. So, we have the powder form of gold available at our factory. Another important aspect of this is that it has an extremely small size. This means that the size of the particles of this is extremely small. This gold has a powder that consists of very fine particles. These fine particles give it the appeal of a very fine powder of gold.

    Now, considering the specific color of this bronze powder, then it has a yellowish color. As the color of the pure gold is also more yellowish. But the fact about this is that it is available in a wide variety of shades and colors. The colors of this powder can vary and change. But at our company, we have a wide variety of shades and colors of this gold powder available. You just have to tell us about the requirements that you need, and our professionals will provide you high quality of suitable colored bronze powder that you can use in any way you want.

    Tell me that what is the melting and boiling point of this bronze powder that you have?

    As far as the purity of the bronze powder is concerned that we have, then you definitely have not to worry about it. Kunshan Yosoar is a name of trust worldwide. Our main aim is to provide customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we provide high-quality and absolutely pure products to our customers. Referring to the gold powder that we have at our company, it is absolutely pure.

    gold pigment powder-29

    Now, if we take into account the melting point of bronze powder, then the melting point of this powder is approximately equal to 1064°C. This is indeed the approximate melting point of this powder of gold. Apart from this, the boiling point approximately ranges between 2900°C to 3000°C. This is also an approximate value of the boiling point of the gold powder and this value is indeed high. Indeed, the bronze powder has a high boiling point. So, this was the overall melting and boiling point trend of bronze powder that we have.

    What is the usual molecular weight of gold powder?

    Well, if we talk about the theoretical value of the molecular weight of gold powder, then it is usually equal to 196.97g/mol. This 196.97 is the molecular weight of bronze powder. This bronze powder actually falls in the category of metal powders as gold itself is metal. If we take into account the chemical symbol for gold, then it is usually demoted by Au. This Au is the chemical representation or symbol of gold. Further, gold has an atomic number of 79 and a molecular weight of 196.97

    Further, referring to the density of bronze powder, then the gold that is present in this powder has a density that approximately equals 19.3 g/cm³. This is the average density of bronze powder that we have at Yosoar. This is absolutely pure and of high quality.

    Tell me that whether it is possible to boil gold powder or not?

    gold pigment powder-25

    Well, what I would say is that you can indeed boil gold powder. You can do this task without much difficulty or complexity but the fact is that it would definitely require a lot of temperatures. As we have already taken into account that the boiling point of bronze powder is somewhere between 2900°C to 3000°C. So, what this temperature range depicts is that the bronze powder can be boiled but the temperature that would be required to do so will be way more. Therefore, you can boil gold if you want to, but it will take place at a large temperature condition. So, what we conclude is that indeed this bronze powder can be boiled but at a high temperature.

    By which method can you produce gold powder?

    As we have already discussed that gold is actually available in different forms and structures. But we can indeed convert these into bronze powder. For instance, if we consider that how the Gold powder Paint is actually formed, then this powder synthesis of gold requires gold along with a specific glue. In order to produce powder of gold, you have to crush the gold leaves. This crushing of gold leaves makes the gold even more fine and small. Afterward, these extremely finely divided gold leaves are mixed with glue that is molten in nature. As a result of this, a substance would be formed. The next step is simply to break this substance into powder. So, this would be the overall step that would lead to the synthesis of bronze powder from gold leaves and using melted glue. Through this method, premium, as well as high quality and pure powder of gold, is obtained.

    What are some of the physical properties and aspects of the gold powder?

    gold pigment powder-28

    If we consider the physical properties and characteristics of gold powder, then firstly, we will talk about the appearance of this substance. As the name indicates that it is basically present in the form of powder. Further, it is the powder of gold and while we consider the particles that are present in this powder, then these are indeed extremely finely divided particles. These fine particles overall give a powdery appearance to this type of gold. Now, if we refer to the color of this, then it is almost identical to the color of gold. This powder of gold has a metallic yellowish appearance and if we consider some other properties of this, then this is actually a good conductor of heat as well as electricity. Apart from this good conductivity, the bronze powder is also not affected by the reagents and particles that are usually present in the air. So, this was the overall talk regarding the physical properties of this powder of gold.

    Does gold powder have magnetic properties? Is the bronze powder magnetic?

    Well, we can consider the fact that bronze powder is not magnetic. In order to consider this, we can take a look at the properties of gold itself as gold and gold powder are almost the same thing with just changes in their appearances. Therefore, the bronze powder is not magnetic as gold in a bulk quantity doesn’t display magnetic properties or overall we can say that it doesn’t show magnetism. So, based on this we can say that indeed bronze powder is also not magnetic in nature. As the bronze powder when present in bulk quantity wouldn’t show any kind of magnetism or simply we can say magnetic properties and characteristics, therefore, what we conclude is that because of the lack of magnetic properties, the bronze powder is not a magnetic substance.

    What is the purity level of gold powder that you have at Kunshan Yosoar? Is this powder of gold highly pure? What would be the overall purity level of this powder of gold that you provide us with?

    There is indeed no doubt that different forms of bronze powder are available in the market. With so many available options, it becomes really hard to choose one and apart from this, purity levels also remain a great concern when it comes to choosing a substance. If we consider the name of our company that is Yosoar, then indeed this company has withstood its name, maintained it, and even created a positive impact on its customers. At Kunshan Yosoar, we provide our customers with the best of the best quality metal powders and other related products. The powders that are manufactured in our labs are absolutely pure and safe to use. These products and powers are of high quality and are absolutely pure.

    As far as the bronze powder is concerned, then we manufacture it under the strict supervision of professionals that ensure the production of high quality of the product. Based on this, we can indeed conclude that the bronze powder that is manufactured at our labs is absolutely pure and apart from its purity, it is definitely of high quality.

    gold pigment powder-121

    If we talk about the purity of this gold powder in numerical values, then the powder of gold available at Kunshan Yosoar is around 99.7% pure. Achieving this much purity level is indeed a distinction as well.

    Is there any specific method through which I can check for the purity of gold powder?

    You can indeed easily check for the purity of gold powder that you have. I will tell you a method that is very simple and you can even easily carry it out in homes as well. For this method, what you are going to need is a magnet. Yes, by using a magnet we can easily check for the purity of the powder of gold that we have. As we have already discussed that gold is actually a type of metal that doesn’t have magnetic properties in it. So, if the powder of gold that you have is absolutely pure, then it will not be affected by any magnetic procedure whereas, if this powder contains impurities such as some other metals in it, then it will somehow show properties of magnetism.

    Therefore, in order to check for the purity of bronze powder that you have, you should simply rub that bronze powder with a magnet. If there would be any impurity in it, then it will be attracted to the magnet and it would be visible. Otherwise, the powder will not show any magnetic properties and you will come to know that the bronze powder is absolutely pure from impurities.

    What are some of the chemical aspects and properties of gold powder?

    Well, if we consider some of the chemical aspects and properties of bronze powder, then this powder of gold has a molecular formula of Au, and if we consider its molecular weight, then it has a molecular weight of 196.97g/mol. This bronze powder has a yellowish appearance and has a melting point of 1064°C while the boiling point of this is more than 2900°C. Now, referring to the density of this powder of gold, then it has a density of about 19.3 g/cm³. Also, if I mention the heat of vaporization of this gold powder, then its heat of vaporization is around 81.8 K-Cal/gm at the temperature of its boiling point. So, these are the overall chemical properties of bronze powder.

    gold pigment powder-22

    How is this bronze powder synthesized?

    The first step in the production of gold powder is that it includes the cutting of the edges of the gold leaves. After this step, or we can say that after the cutting of the edges, the resulting substance is then kneaded with molten glue. Mostly, this molten glue is called the nikawa glue. Then a mixture is formed. This mixture consists of the gold leaves as well as the glue that was used to create the mixture. The next step is about taking the particles of powder away. In this step, the earlier formed mixture is sunk in the water and after being sunk in it, powder particles are obtained from it. The last step is collecting these powder particles and separating them. So, this is the overall process and method that is used in order to synthesize and produce a good powder with the main ingredients being the Aikawa glue and gold leaves.

    What are some of the applications of this gold powder?

    There are indeed a lot of industries that make use of the bronze powder. For instance, different additive manufacturing industries utilize this powder of gold. Similarly, jewelry and fashion industries and sectors make use of gold powder. What I would say is that indeed this specific industry makes use of bronze powder the most. Apart from this, the coating and pigment industries also utilize this powder in various processes. Furthermore, steel and alloy manufacturers, as well as thin-film deposition industries, also utilize it. So, these are some of the main industries and related sectors that make use of this powder of gold.

    Can this bronze powder be utilized for coating purposes?

    What I would say is that indeed this bronze powder has a vast number of applications. This gold powder can be widely used in making coatings. It can be used for various coating purposes. Using this powder of gold, you can easily coat various surfaces such as rubber or plastic surfaces. These coated surfaces will provide an amazing look to the material and will also enlighten it as well. Further, this is also used for decorative purposes. It can be used in various methods and processes for decoration. It can be used to make dry painting using this powder.

    Well, if we consider the use of bronze powder in textile printing industries, then these can definitely be used in such fields as well. This is because different textile printing and stamping industries make use of such metal powders as well. Therefore, you can use this bronze powder for such purposes as well.

    gold bronze powder-26

    Can professionals at Kunshan Yosoar guide me about the uses of the gold powder as well?

    Indeed, if you need any kind of information and data regarding any of our products, you can get it from the professionals of our company. The professionals and team members can guide you to the probable usages and applications of gold powder paint. Further, you can also tell them about your specific requirements and they will provide you with the best suitable powder options that are available. Customer satisfaction has always been our topmost priority.

    Do you have this gold powder available at your company?

    Indeed, we have got supplies of this bronze powder at Kunshan Yosoar. You can tell us about the required amount of gold powder that you need, and we will definitely provide you with it. As far as the quality of our bronze powder is concerned, then it is indeed extremely pure and of high quality. Further, if you want to test some specific amount of bronze powder, then you are also welcome. You can tell us about the required amount of sample that you want, and we will surely provide you with the required sample as well. We ourselves have a professional team that checks and verifies the quality of bronze powder that we manufacture. This team verifies each and every batch of powder of gold that is manufactured in our labs. This team of professionals ensures that our customers get high-quality and pure products.


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