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    Atomized Copper Powder Manufacturer-China Yosoar

    Atomized copper powder is generally available in a variety of sizes. The general size of atomized  copper powder ranges from 0.5 microns up to 10 microns. But we also provide you with the option to get atomized copper powder of your desired particle size.

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    Because the powder is finer, it will form hard agglomerates during drying.

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    The particles are relatively uniform and have a large surface activity.

    atomized copper powder

    It can be used to make high-efficiency catalysts with very good effects.

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    It is easily oxidized in the air and can be dissolved in hot sulfuric acid.

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    Copper powder can be prepared by physical and chemical methods.

    It can be customized for different applications.

    Used in Lubricants

    Copper powder has good lubricity, so it can be added to various lubricating oils to mix and support a uniform and stable suspension.

    The lubricating oil produced contains countless fine copper particles, which can be used on the part to form a protective layer on the surface of the part, which can reduce friction and wear during use, thereby protecting it.

    atomized copper powder Using For Lubricants-China Yosoar
    atomized copper powder Using For Conductive materials-China Yosoar

    Used in Conductive materials

    As an important raw material for the production of electrode materials, copper powder can be prepared into conductive coatings, and the prepared conductive coatings can be sprayed on the surface of plastic products to achieve shielding from electromagnetic wave interference.
    In addition, the prepared electronic paste can also be used as an electrode material in the field of microelectronics. It can also be used in composite materials.

    Used in Engineering structure materials

    Because the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and tensile strength of nano-copper powder are higher than ordinary copper powder, nano-copper powder is also an indispensable and important raw material in the field of engineering structural materials.

    The electrochemical deposition method can be used to produce high-purity nano-copper powder, which can be used. In terms of performance, it has better plasticity and ductility.

    atomized copper powder Using For Engineering structure materials-China Yosoar

    Yosoar: Your Atomized Copper Powder Manufacturer in China

    At Kunshan Yosoar, our top  priority is to provide our customers with the best available facilities. You tell us about your needs and applications of the spherical copper powder and we would guide you and inform you that which specific copper powder you should use.

    Copper has some of the amazing characteristics that enable it to be used for a variety of purposes. Similar is the case with atomized copper powder. It can be used in various fields because of certain properties that it has.

    Yosoar has a technical team along with some professionals that are responsible for testing every batch of copper powder that we make. They verify that every resulting batch of spherical copper powder is of high quality and absolutely pure. The copper powder manufactured in our labs is 99.9% pure. Therefore, we provide our customers with the best quality chemicals in the market of copper powder.

    Below Are Atomized Copper Powder (CU  powder) FAQ guide: Yosoar's regular copper powder models besides atomized copper powder:


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    What basically is referred to as the copper powder and does it has wide applications?

    Copper is basically a metal that has a wide range if applications. If we talk about copper powder, then it simply means that it is the powder form of the copper metal. It generally has a reddish color and has wide applications as well. For instance, this powder has wide range of applications in some metallurgical processes, chemical reactions, as a catalyst, making metallic castings, electronics field and brazing etc. All of these industries make use of copper powder in one way or the other. Some main characteristics of copper powder include its electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to the amazing propoerties inhibited by copper powder, it surely has many applications.

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    Are there different methods and ways to make copper powder?

    Yes! There are different methods by which the copper metal is turned into copper powder. This production of copper powder by different methods generally promotes in the formation of powder that has some specific and distinct characteristics when compared to each other. Some important methods that we use for manufacturing copper powder include the process of atomization, electrolysis, solid-state reduction and hydrometallurgy. We can indeed say that with each method a copper powder is formed that has some unique properties and characteristics that do differ when compared to the powder from some other production method.

    How the atomized copper powder is produced by the process of atomization?

    The atomization process basically involves a liquid metal that is flowing through an aperture. This flowing metal is then struck by a stream of gas or water. This strike results in the formation of powder of respective metal. If we take into consideration the production of atomized copper powder by the atomization technique, then firstly copper is melted and turned into molten form. Then it is struck by liquid or air at high speed and this generally results in the production of this. This atomized copper powder can either be spherical or irregular shaped. It depends on various factors that are changeable during its production process.

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    What is the purity and particle size range of the atomized copper powder you produce through the atomization process?

    The general pureness of atomized copper powder is basically dependent on the raw material that is used to produce the powder. If I talk about Kunshan Yosoar, then in our company we make sure that the raw material is pure and ultimately the resulting atomized powder of copper would also be 99.9% pure. We try our best in manufacturing high-quality that is free from impurities and we also have a specific team that is full of technical professionls who are responsible for verifying the batch of copper powder.

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    Can I get atomized copper powder that is produced by the process of atomization having different physical appearance or size?

    At Kunshan Yosoar, we manufacture copper powder by different methods. We do manufacture copper powder using the atomization technique. The overall result by following this technique is the formation of copper powder that can either be spherical or irregular shaped. Generally the spherical copper powder is produced by the air atomization process. This process involves the use of air to atomize the molten copper, whereas the irregular shaped copper powder is produced by the process of water atomization. As the name indicates, this method involves the use of water for atomization purpose of copper metal.

    The size of copper powder is also dependent on various characteristics such as the addition of deoxidizing elements. Therefore, we do provide pure copper powder having different shapes as well as sizes.

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    Do you also prepare copper powder using the electrolysis technique?

    Here at Kunshan Yosoar, we also manufacture copper powder using the electrolysis technique. This process is approximately similar to that of electroplating. The only difference is that during the electrolysis production of copper, the concentration of copper ion in the electrolyte solution is kept low. These conditions are somehow changed as to gain a uniform and pure copper deposit. The copper powder obtained due to electrolysis is 99.9% pure. If we consider the shape of this powder, then it has a dendritic shape. Apart from this, this specific powder also differs in terms of density when compared to copper powder manufactured by other processes.

    Properties of copper powder depend upon certain aspects such as the concentration of the acid that is present in the electrolytic solution. It also depends upon certain agents present in the electrolyte. The temperature and the frequency of the current also effect the properties of the copper powder that would be produced as a result.

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    How can copper powder be produced by hydrometallurgy process?

    We also manufacture copper powder using the hydrometallurgy process. This specific process basically produces copper from scrap copper. In this specific method, the leaching of copper takes place by using some strong acids, and later the copper is precipitated and later on separation of powder takes placr from the solution or the liquid. Apart from this, the characteristics and properties of the powder can also be varied by changing the temperature and reduction time of the process. This is the usual method involved and used for the production of copper powder using the hydrometallurgy process.

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    Can copper powder also be produced using the solid-state reduction method?

    Yes! The powder of copper can also be manufactured using the solid-state method. In this specific method, firstly the oxides of metal are grounded into very small size and then a reduction is done using the gas. This reduction is basically done at certain temperatures that are generally lower than melting point of copper metal. One important characteristic and property of copper powder that is manufactured using this specific method is that the powder will be highly porous and will also have a high density when compared to the copper powder of other methods. So this was the overall method of copper powder production using the solid state reduction method.

    What are some of the characteristics of copper powder that depend upon the method of production of the powder?

    As already discussed, there are different methods that are used to manufacture copper powder. The production of copper powder takes place in different ways and these ways also alter the resulting properties of the powder as well. For instance, the particle shape generally depends on the production method. Using different methods and processes, we can make copper powder having spherical or irregular shape. Copper powder with a dendritic shape is also produced. Therefore, we can say that the production methods do alter the characteristics of copper powder. These characteristics include the density and shape of the powder. Apart from these, the porosity, as well as the surface area of the powder, is also affected by the use of different methods.

    At Kunshan Yosoar, how do you prepare atomized copper powder?

    At Kunshan Yosoar, we manufacture copper powder using the atomization technique. This atomization process can be carried out in two ways. It can either be done using water or it can be done using air. The water atomization process results in the formation of copper powder having irregular shape whereas the air atomization of copper results in the formation of copper powder with spherical shape and smooth surface area as well. The copper powder that our industry manufactures is about 99.9% pure and is suitable for almost every required use.

    How does spherical copper powder differ from irregularly shaped copper powder?

    As the name indicates, spherical copper powder differs from irregular copper powder in terms of their respective appearance. Spherical copper powder has regular spherical shape and smooth surface area whereas the irregular shaped copper powder has no specific shape. This powder has irregular shape and the overall surface area is also not smooth. Also, they do differ in terms of their production methods because spherical copper powder is produced by air atomization process whereas the irregular cooper powder is produced by water atomization process.

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    What are the characteristics of atomized copper powder produced by the atomization process?

    It have varying shapes and sizes. They can either have spherical shape or irregular shape. Their sizes also vary. They can have 45 microns of size or even 1 millimeter as well. The powder of copper that is manufactured using the atomization process has a boiling point of around 2567 °C. If we consider the melting point of this atomized copper powder, then it is around 1083 °C. The density ranges are indeed quite variable but this atomized copper powder has an average density of about 5.0 g/cc. So, these are some of the physical and chemical characteristics of copper powder.

    Can I use it of any size in the anti-fouling paints?

    As the size is concerned, you should use atomized copper powder of less than 45 microns of size. This sized copper powder is also referred as fine copper powder and it is available at Kunshan Yosoar. We manufacture pure fine copper powder and the size is suitable for its use in anti-fouling paints. As the shape is concerned, then the anti-fouling paints will be useful when the copper powder used in them would be of spherical shape. This is because irregular shaped copper powder will not remain bonded to the metal surface for a long time. The spherical copper powder will work best in this regard.

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    How the atomized copper powder can be beneficial in the anti-fouling paints?

    Copper powder has been a major component of anti-fouling paints for a long time. The reason behind its use in this field is that atomized copper powder has biocidal properties. When it is mixed in some resin paints, it gives that specific paint anti-fouling properties. These paints are generally applied on the lower surfaces of boats so that the subaquatic organisms can not live on the metal surface of the boat. The presence of copper powder in the paint lowers and inhibits the growth of marine life. It also prevents the accumulation of such living organisms on the lower side of ship.

    It is said about the copper powder that it is one of the most effective and efficient powder having excellent biocidal properties that can be used in anti-fouling paints in a more effective way.

    I wanted to know that how the prouct can be used in the making of friction components?

    It has also many applications in the industry of making friction products. The main reason behind the use of atomized copper powder in friction products is that it generally reduces the wear and tear of these products. Further, it also prevents the scoring of these products. As we know that copper powder has many applications as lubricants also, therefore it is used in friction products because of its lubrication properties. This lubrication overall helps in reducing friction.

    The friction products basically include the break pads and clutches of automobiles, aircrafts and motorcycles etc. Other frictional components are also made using the copper powder. Brake pads, brake drums and clutches are the general friction products.

    I being a diamond tools manufacturer, can I use copper powder for this purpose?

    Definitely there is a wide range of applications of copper powder in the diamond tooling field. As we know that diamond is used in cutting super hard materials but this diamond can not be used alone. Instead of this, a mixture of diamond powder and copper powder is applied on the cutting tool. This combination provides extra hard strength to the cutting material and ultimately enables it to cut hard materials. These powders are mixed and joined together by sintering techniques. Therefore, you can surely utilize this copper powder in the diamond tooling field.

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    Is it possible to utilize atomized copper powder in thermal management?

    As already stated that atomized copper powder has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Also, the copper powder does not offer much resistance to the flow of charges. This is the main reason that this powder can be used in some electronic devices because when there will be no resistance, temperature will not be increased to a large extent as resistance and temperature are linked with each other. Further, the copper powder has excellent thermal conductivity and this makes it a suitable choice to be used in thermal management systems. There are many industries that make use of this copper powder in making cooling systems. The only reason behind its use in these systems is that copper powder has excellent heat transferring ability.

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    How can atomized copper powder be used in sintering technique?

    Sintering technique is basically referred to as the use of some metal powder in making some kind of objects. Copper powder can definitely be used in the sintering process. The use of copper powder is also beneficial in the sense that it is much more cost effective and can be utilized in creating amazing shapes and structures as well. This sintering technique is becoming more and more popular because it has many benefits. The use of copper powder in this regard is much more cost effective. Further, there is no wastage of material and overall this process is easy to do. Sintering technique using copper powder can make amazing designs that would not be easily formed by other production methods.

    How can atomized copper powder be utilized in electronics field?

    Atomized copper powder has vast number of applications in the field of electronics. For example, the copper powder is used for the manufacturing of electrical chips and circuits. For making circuit boards, this powder is also used. Some other structural parts of electrical devices are also made using copper powder. The reason behind the usage of this powder in the electronics field is that this copper powder has excellent conductivity of electricity and heat as well. Having an excellent electrical conductivity makes it an excellent option for using it in such devices and circuits. There is another aspect to this thing. The copper powder also offers very little resistance to the electrical flow. Therefore, these were some of the characteristics of copper powder that make it a good option for its use in electronics.

    What are some of the basic applications of atomized copper powder?

    For instance, an individual can use this atomized copper powder in anti-fouling paints because this powder has biocidal properties that make it one of the best available option to be used for this purpose. Similarly, this is can be used in a lot of industrial applications as well. Also because the electrical and thermal conductivity of this copper powder is excellent, this atomized copper powder is used in electronics industry.

    Does the atomized copper powder contain a lot of lead and oxygen? Can sample test?

    The atomized copper powder manufactured at Kunshan Yosoar is absolutely free from impurities. The atomized copper powder manufactured by us has very low content of oxygen as well as lead. It by Kunshan Yosoar is 99.9% pure and has very minimum percentage of impurities. If you want to perform some kind of tests on some small amount of copper powder that is manufactured in our labs, then you can also take a sample from us so that you can verify it.

    Kunshan Yosoar has a whole set of team for this specific purpose.

    Kunshan Yosoar is indeed a trusted name in the field of copper manufacturers. We provide our customers with high quality to copper powder. We are so much sure about our products that we can also provide you with certain amounts of samples of atomized copper powder so that you can test them and verify their purities and consistency. The chemical products that we make are of high quality and are even tested within our own facilities.

    We would definitely help you in this regard.

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