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Below Are Spherical Copper Powder (CU  powder) FAQ guide:

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How is the spherical copper powder generally produced?

It is produced by a process known as the air atomization phenomenon. This generally happens in such a way that a stream of liquid copper metal is disintegrated by compressed air. This process helps in the formation of this.

What are the possible particle sizes of copper powder or the sizes in which this powder is easily available?

The spherical copper powder that we manufacture comes in a wide range of sizes. Although these are available in a variety of sizes the normal range of this powder is somewhere between 45 microns up to 1 millimeter.

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What are the average boiling point and the melting point of copper powder?

If we consider the approximate boiling point of copper powder, then it is around 2567 °C whereas the melting point of this powder is around 1083.4 °C.

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What are the basic applications of spherical copper powder?

The product has a wide range of applications based on the amazing characteristics that it has. It is widely used in anti-fouling paints, diamond tooling, and additive manufacturing. Apart from these, this powder is used in friction components and welding processes as well. Because of its electrical conductivity properties, it is used in electrical industries as well.

How can this powder be used in anti-fouling paints?

It has been scientifically proven that copper powder is indeed the most effective biocide for marine paint. This is because of the biocidal properties that this compound has. These copper anti-fouling paints have now become a necessity because this help protecting surfaces against fouling and corrosion, help in reducing the drag force, and also help in enhancing fuel economy. Therefore, this copper powder because of its properties is the most suitable option for anti-fouling paints.

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Doesn’t the anti-fouling paints containing copper reacts with the metal of the surface?

Yes! It is right. If the copper-containing anti-fouling paint is directly applied onto the metal surface, then the copper may react with that specific metal and result in the formation of some kind of electrolytic cell. Therefore, to prevent this, some layers of primer are applied to the surface. This will prevent the contact between metal and copper of anti-fouling paint and will strengthen the bond.

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Can we use this copper powder in electronic industries?

The copper powder has been known for its excellent electrical as well as thermal properties and because of these, you can use these in a wide range of applications in your electronics field. In the electronic industry, you can use this copper powder to form brushes, contacts, and printed circuits.

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Is spherical copper powder more porous? What are the possible benefits of this porosity?

No, the porosity of it is indeed low. This porosity is also referred to as the void fraction and for copper powder, these void spaces are indeed very low. This low porosity prevents the corrosive materials from entering and this makes copper powder inert from such debris. Apart from this, the low porosity of copper powder generally improves its usability further and increases its life span. Therefore, having low porosity is indeed beneficial.

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Why the use of spherical copper powder in lubricants considered more useful?

Well, it is because of the characteristics and properties of copper powder. As we know that certain properties of metals present in the lubricants enhance their performance and properties. And these properties are indeed present in the copper powder. It has high thermal as well as electrical conductivity and its lamellar structure enhances the properties of lubricants. Therefore, its use in lubricants is very useful and beneficial.

Can the copper powder be used in braking systems of automobiles?

Yes! Indeed the spherical copper powder has been used in aircraft and other braking systems as well. Apart from this, it is also used in other friction components like clutch discs, brake pads, etc. The copper powder has amazing properties that make it a useful substance to be present in such components. It is present in friction products because it reduces the wear and scoring of these components.

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Can the copper powder also used in the brazing process?

Yes! Copper powder is an excellent option in the process of welding that makes use of some metal powder, this process is also known as brazing. In this process, copper powder is mixed with some other agents, and a paste is formed that is applied according to needs. Therefore, copper powder is an amazing choice for this brazing process.

Can I use this copper powder in other chemical applications?

You can use this copper powder in other chemical applications such as you can use it in the process of the Ullmann reaction that will help in the production of diphenyl. Similarly, you can also use it for the production of copper salts. Therefore, it indeed has many chemical applications.

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Being a designer, can I make use of this copper powder?

Nowadays, many designers are also making use of copper powder to produce a different variety of shapes and designs. This is done through the process of sintering and this process is generally less expensive when compared to other metal forging and designing processes. Apart from this, many designers choose this powder because it is way more effective when it comes to cost. It provides far more cost savings when compared to other methods.

Is copper powder harmful to health?

The copper powder can be harmful in certain conditions. Long-term exposure to this powder can irritate the eyes and mouth. Apart from this, if someone inhales copper powder or its fumes, then it can cause some serious damage to the respiratory system. It will also cause headaches and dizziness. Therefore, while handling copper powder, one should be careful.

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What is the color of spherical copper powder?

The product has a light rosy or gray color.

Can this spherical copper powder used as a catalyst?

Yes! This product can also be used as a catalyst and this is generally because of the particle size and surface. The surface activity of this copper powder is also very high and because of this, it is often used as a catalyst.

What is the type of copper powder that your company provides? Are the particles of this copper powder are all spherical in appearance?

Well, we produce different forms of copper powder and if we consider the spherical copper powder, then it basically depends on the way of manufacturing of the powder. This method of production depicts the overall appearance of the resulting powder. At Kunshan Yosoar, we use the methods of air atomization and plasma spraying to form such powder of copper that is spherical. The powder that we manufacture is absolutely spherical and has an overall smooth surface. We make no compromise on the production methods and the resulting spherical copper powder is free from impurities and is absolutely pure.

What is the method that your company uses to manufacture a copper powder that has spherical shape? Do you produce spherical copper powder through the gas atomization technique?

At Kunshan Yosoar, we aim to develop high quality of this for our customers. For the production of copper powder that has spherical shape and is smooth, we use the process of air atomization. We have modern built facilities in which this process is carried out. In this method, basically the disintegration of liquid copper metal takes place by atomizing air that comes from a nozzle. This results in the formation of copper powder having spherical-shaped appearance. The spherical copper powder that we manufacture is absolutely pure and of perfect spherical shape.

What is the apparent density of spherical copper powder that is manufactured by you? How much impurity does this spherical copper powder contain? Also, is this spherical copper powder available in different sizes?

The spherical copper powder that is manufactured in our labs has an apparent density of 5.0 g/cc. Further, the approximate boiling point of this spherical copper powder is 2567 °C whereas its melting point is around 1083.4 °C. Now, if we talk about the impurity, then the spherical copper powder manufactured at Kunshan Yosoar is 99.7% pure and is free from impurities.

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This spherical copper powder is available in different particle sizes as well. It all depends on your specific needs. You tell us about the required size of spherical copper powder and we will surely provide you need of the required size. But if we consider the normal size range of spherical copper powder, then it is between 45 microns to 1 millimeter.

What is the color of this spherical copper powder that you manufacture and is the oxygen and lead content of this powder low?

The product that we manufacture has particles that are absolutely spherical in shape and the color is light rosy. As the name indicates, this color is a little bit light as compared to rose color.

The content of oxygen and lead (Pb) in our manufactured spherical copper powder is indeed very low. The manufactured in our labs is 99.7% pure and is prepared in specific physical and chemical conditions. Therefore, this product manufactured at Kunshan Yosoar contains very little impurities and also has a narrow particle distribution.

How can I choose the required size or specific spherical copper powder? How will I know that what kind of powder do I need?

If you are not sure or you do not have enough information that which you are looking for, then you don’t have to worry. You simply tell us the requirements or the work for which you need the copper powder. Experts at Kunshan Yosoar will take a look at your requirements and will guide you and inform you about the specific copper powder that will indeed be the most suitable one for fulfilling your purpose. Experts will take into consideration your required needs and applications as well and guide you in the best way.

Do you have a technical team that can verify that the spherical copper powder that is produced is of high quality?

At Kunshan Yosoar, we have professionals who make pure and high quality. Apart from this, we also have a technical team and factory personnels who make sure that the batch of spherical copper powder that is produced is up to the standards and is if high quality. You absolutely would not have to worry about our products and chemicals. Our manufactured chemicals are pure and in terms of quality are the best.

How can I know that the copper powder that you are providing is suitable for my desired requirements or not? For my work, I need large quantity of spherical copper powder but I am not sure to buy it? Is there any sample available for testing?

If you are looking for some specific copper powder for your desired work, then we can surely provide you with that. If you do not know that what kind of you are looking for, you simply tell the requirements and application needs to our experts at Kunshan Yosoar and they will guide you. Further, for verification of the powder that we provide and to check that whether the powder is suitable for your desired need or not, you can also ask for a sample. We will provide you with small number of samples that you can test. One thing that you don’t need to worry about is the high quality of spherical copper powder that we manufacture.

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I wanted to know about the chemical composition of this specific spherical copper powder that your company provides. What are some of the technical specifications of this copper powder that you have?

At our company Kunshan Yosoar, we develop various kinds of copper powder. If we consider the this, then it is made by air atomization technique and its chemical composition is 99.5% pure copper. Its particles have a smooth surface and shape is absolutely spherical. The density of it that we manufacture is around 5.0 g/cc whereas the particles size can vary based on the requirements. It is available in different sizes and you can have the desired size by telling us your needs or requirements. The boiling point of this is around 2567 °C and melting point of this powder is around 1083.4 °C.

I wanted to know what are the general applications of this spherical copper powder or what are the ways in which this copper powder can be utilized?

It can be utilized in various ways. It can be used in additive manufacturing, aerospace, chemical synthesis. Apart from these, it can also be utilized in various industrial processes, power metallurgy and electronic industry as well. It is also used in different friction devices such as the brake pads of automobiles and is also involved in the process of brazing.It is sometimes also used as a catalyst to enhance the speed of some specific chemical reactions. These are the overall usages of this.

Is the use of copper powder only limited to chemical industries or metallurgical processes only?

The use of spherical copper powder is not only limited to its use in chemical processes of alloying, metallurgy and brazing etc. But it is also very much useful in various fields as well. This product is often used in various decorative applications as well. Copper powder is indeed an essential component of the anti-fouling paints as well. It also has vast applications in the field of friction. Some welding processes and diamond tooling methods also make use of the copper powder. Therefore, we can say that this powder of copper has vast applications that are not only limited to metallurgical processes only.

It is said that copper powder is widely used in diamond tooling process. Is this verdict correct? What are the benefits of using this copper powder in the production of tools of diamonds?

Yes! This statement is correct that copper powder is also used in the diamond tooling process. The fact about copper is that it has been used widely as a binding material for the tools that are generally the super hard cutting tools.or materials. The main reason behind the use of this spherical copper powder for the diamond tools is that the presence of this copper powder basically lowers the sintering temperature of the matrix. Because of this lowering of the temperature, it becomes easy for the formation of alloy with other metals. Apart from this fact, the copper powder has also been widely used because of its benefit to the overall sharpness and efficiency of the blades that are used to cut hard materials. The presence of copper powder enhanced the cutting ability of the tool.

How is the use of spherical copper powder beneficial in anti-fouling paints? Do you have copper powder available that can be used in anti-fouling paints?

The fact behind this is that copper powder is indeed one of the most effective biocide that is also environment friendly. Because of the biocidal properties of copper powder, it is widely used in marine paints. Such paints having copper powder are referred to as the anti-fouling paints. The main purpose of such paints is to simply make the specific surface inhabitable for the living organisms and this is done by the biocidal properties of copper powder.

The copper powder that is required to be used in anti-fouling paints should be spherical powder, this is because it is distributed in an easy way across the surface. We manufacture quite fine spherrical copper powder that can surely be used in anti-fouling paints and will definitely provide amazing results.

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For how long, will this spherical copper powder be effective in anti-fouling paints or marine paints? How long will this copper provide its biocidal properties?

The lasting and effectiveness of this in anti-fouling applications basically depends on the ways in which it is used. For instance, if an anti-fouling paint is applied directly on the metal surface, then it will result in corrosion because the copper present in the paint will react with the metal of the surface on which the paint is being applied. Another important thing is that you can improve the functioning of anti-fouling paint by polishing the surface on which this paint is applied. This is because after sometime, the anti-fouling paint becomes dry, but the polishing of the surface will expose more copper present in the paint and will ultimately benefit and improve the anti-fouling properties of the paint.

I work in an electronic industry and I was wondering how I can make use of the product in my field?

Being in an electronics related field, you can definitely make use of the product. Copper powder has extraordinary electrical and heat conductivity. This good electrical conductivity makes it a suitable option to be used in the industry related to electronics. This copper powder can be used to make printed circuits and other components of televisions etc.

Pure copper powder offers excellent conductivity to electricity and therefore, it can be used in the electronics industry as well. Its general use would include the formation of electronic circuits.

What would happen when I will heat spherical copper powder in a china dish? Why does it change its color?

When you will heat the this in a dish, then you will observe that a black substance is formed on the surface. This formation of black substance on the surface is called as the surface oxidation. The phenomenon behind this formation of black substance is that when copper is heated, it reacts with the atmospheric oxygen. A reaction takes place between the copper powder and the oxygen present in the atmosphere. This reaction results in the formation of copper II oxide and this is actually the black substance that is formed. Therefore, the color is changed because of the oxidation that takes place.

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Can this spherical copper powder cause any harm or damage when used without precautions or is it safe to use it even without precautionary measures?

You should definitely use the copper powder while taking some precautionary measures. It can cause some harm when handles carelessly. For instance, a long term exposure to copper powder can result in serious irritation of eyes and respiratory system as well. The inhalation of fumes of this copper powder can result in serious damage to the lungs and overall respiratory system. A long terms exposure to this powder can also cause feeling of dizziness and severe headache. Therefore, you should take some precautionary measures while using this copper powder.

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