Symptoms of copper sulfate poisoning and first aid measures

(1) Poisoning performance

1. Touch poisoning Long-term exposure to copper sulfate can cause touch dermatitis or eczema on local skin; touching the solution can lead to skin necrosis and rot; splashing into the eye can cause eyelid edema, corneal ulcer and turbidity.

2. Poisoning after ingestion of copper preparations can lead to acute poisoning, which manifests as headache, dizziness, fatigue, blue mucosa, metallic taste in the mouth, runny, disgust, vomiting (severe vomiting, vomiting Green), burning sensation in the mouth, esophagus and stomach, teeth, teeth and tongue blue. Then showed diarrhea with severe abdominal cramps, hematemesis, black stools. In severe cases, hemolysis, fainting, paralysis, rapid heartbeat, blood pressure, fever, etc. Some poisoning patients have hepatomegaly, jaundice, liver function abnormalities, kidney damage and hematuria in 3-5 days, and acute renal failure may occur.

(2) First aid measures

Those who have oral poisoning should immediately induce vomiting and gastric lavage. Copper sulfate is washed with water or 1% potassium ferrocyanide 500mL or 0.1% yellow blood salt 500ml, and 1-3 tablespoons per oral for 15 minutes, so that the poison is deposited as low-toxic insoluble copper ferrocyanide. After gastric lavage, take soy milk or egg white to maintain the gastric mucosa.

Oral magnesium oxide or bone charcoal (add 1 tablespoon in a cup of water) to absorb, if no diarrhea, you can take salt water to remove the copper pesticides accumulated in the intestines.

For those infected with skin, use the antidote edetate calcium. Take 1g daily to participate in 50% glucose injection or 20-40mL of normal saline diluted intravenously, or participate in intravenous infusion of 5%-10% glucose injection 500mL, treatment for 3-5 days.

Symptomatic treatment. In order to maintain cell function and promote body metabolism, B vitamins, vitamin C, energy mixture and the like can be used. Acute abdominal pain can be injected subcutaneously with morphine 10mg. Symptomatic treatment of liver fainting, heart failure, and renal failure. Skin and corneal ulcers can be washed or wetted with 0.37% sodium edetate solution.

In the above article, we introduced a relatively rare performance, that is, copper sulfate poisoning, we know that copper sulfate poisoning is very harmful, so we should pay attention to this performance, the above specifically introduces copper sulfate The performance of poisoning and the method of first aid.

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