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    Silver Nanopowder produced by Kunshan Yosoar

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    Silver powder can be prepared by the gas phase method, the liquid phase method, and the solid phase method.

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    Nano silver powder can be widely used in catalysts and diluents for ultra-low temperature refrigerators.

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    Nano silver powder has high surface activity and catalytic performance, and has strong bactericidal ability.

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    Silver powder can be used as a conductive filler.

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    Silver powder can be used to make conductive silver paste.

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    Silver powder can be used to make conductive inks.

    Used in antibacterial agent

    Silver powder can be used as an antibacterial agent. In ancient times, silver was used to cover wounds to prevent bacterial infections. In today’s life, silver powder can be used in medical products, textiles, food storage bags, and personal care products.
    Silver powder has the advantages of high efficiency, resistance to resistance, and high safety. It is the current research focus of antibacterial materials.

    Silver Nanopowder Using For antibacterial products-China Yosoar
    Silver Nanopowder Using For catalyst-China Yosoar

    Used in catalyst

    Nano silver powder can have catalytic oxidation reduction properties, which can be used for biological agents and chemical agents. In particular, the chemical environment of nano-silver powder plays an important role in their catalytic performance.
    It should be understood that complex catalysis occurs by adsorbing the reactants onto the catalytic substrate. When polymers are used as stabilizers, the catalytic ability will be reduced due to the reduced adsorption capacity. Therefore, in general, nano-silver powder should be used together with titanium dioxide as a catalyst for chemical reactions.

    Yosoar: conductive silver nanopowder Supplier in China

    Below are the silver nanopowder(Ag nanopowder) FAQ guide:

    Model of silver powder

    specification sheet

    What is basically a silver nanopowder? What does the term silver nanopowder imply?

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    Firstly, if we take a look at the term nanopowder, then it simply implies the powder that consists of particles having nano sizes. It simply means the powder having nano-sized particles in it. So generally the term silver powder implies the nanopowder whose main constituent element is silver. These nanoparticles of silver have vast applications in emerging technologies. These have got vast applications in various fields. This silver nanopowder has got some amazing features and characteristics as well.

    Introduction of silver powder related knowledge

    What is the general appearance of this silver nanopowder? How can you identify this silver powder?

    If we talk about the general appearance of this, then it basically has an appearance of being a dark grey powder. Its form of appearance is powder whereas its color is mostly dark grey. Apart from this, if we refer to the overall morphology of this silver powder, then it has an absolutely spherical morphology. Overall the appearance of this specific nanopowder is similar to a spherical powder that has got a dark grey color. Therefore, if you have to identify this specific nanopowder, then you would have to check for its size that whether it has an ultra-fine size or not and whether the color is dark grey, etc.

    What is basically referred to as morphology? What is the morphology of the silver nanopowder?

    The term morphology basically means the overall shape or the structure of anything. In the case of this silver powder, the morphology of the overall shape and structure of this powder is spherical. This nanopowder has got an ultra-fine particle size. Apart from this the general appearance of the particles is also spherical. So this is the overall morphology of silver nanopowder.

    Is it possible for me to dissolve silver nanopowder into different solvents so that I would be able to make various solutions based on my requirements?

    Yes, indeed you could dissolve silver powder into different solvents. For instance, you can definitely dissolve this nanopowder in a solvent such as ethanol. Apart from this, you can also dissolve this nanopowder into isopropanol it related solvents. By dissolving this silver powder into such solvents, you can make a variety of solutions for your various requirements. Mostly you would be able to make suspensions by dissolving these components and then you can use these suspensions for your required needs.

    What are some of the sizes in which this silver nanopowder is available? Can I get silver powder of my required size?

    silver nanopowder manufacturer Yosoar (9)

    Yes! This silver nanopowder is available in a wide variety of sizes. If we talk about the typical and general sizes of silver nanopowder, then the particles of the nanopowder of silver have an average size of about 10-200 nm. This is the average available size of the nanopowder of silver. But still, if you want silver powder of some specific size, we can definitely provide you with that. Most of the time, the average particle size of the silver powder is less than 100 nm. So, this was the generally available size option for the silver powder but still, you can have silver powder of your required size needs.

    What is the bulk density as well as the true density of silver nanopowder? Is there any difference between these two densities regarding the silver powder?

    If we first talk about the term bulk density, then this term simply means the apparent density of a powder under any defined or specific conditions. Now referring to the true density, it simply implies the mass of the particle that is divided by its volume. But in this case, the overall pores are excluded. So the resulting density would be referred to as true density. So this had been the basic difference between these two densities. But the fact is that in reality, both the values for these densities are different for silver powder. If we talk about the bulk density, then for silver nanopowder it is approximately equal to 0.312 g/cm³ whereas the true density of the same powder is approximately equal to 10.5 g/cm³. So, this is the overall difference and change in these two densities for the silver powder.

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    What are some of the physical aspects and properties of the silver nanopowder? Discuss some of the physical characteristics of this nanopowder.

    There are various physical parameters of this nanopowder that we can talk about. The appearance of the material is definitely its a physical property and if we consider the appearance of silver nanopowder, then this is present in the form of ultra-fine powder and the overall size of the particles is also very small usually in nanometric values. Further, the particles have spherical shapes and if we refer to the crystal phase of this nanopowder, then it is cubic. So these were some of the physical characteristics of this nanopowder of silver.

    What are some of the chemical properties and characteristics of this nanopowder of silver? Tell me about its density and melting and boiling points as well?

    If we consider the chemical properties or characteristics of this nanopowder of silver, then coming towards the density part, this nanopowder has a true density approximately equal to 10.5 g/cm³. Now talking about the melting point, this nanopowder has got a melting point of 961.78 °C. Whereas if we consider its boiling point, then the silver nanopowder has got a boiling point of about 2162 °C. Also, if I mention the specific surface area of this nanopowder, then it has 5.37 m²/g of specific surface area. Similarly, Young’s Modulus for this powder is equal to 83 Gpa.

    So, these were some of the chemical properties of the nanopowder of silver.

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    What is the basic molecular formula as well as the molecular weight of this silver nanopowder?

    Talking about the basic linear molecular formula of this silver nanopowder, it is simply Ag. Now if we consider the molecular weight of the nanopowder of silver, then it has got a molecular weight of about 107.87.

    Does the silver nanopowder have any unique properties and characteristics? If yes, then what are those specific properties that it has got?

    The particles of this silver nanopowder have definitely got some amazing and unique properties. For instance, the nanopowder of silver has unique characteristics with regards to optical properties, electrical and thermal properties as well. The particles of this powder have definitely got excellent properties regarding the optical phase and because of these properties, it has wide applications in the related field. Similar is the case with the thermal and electrical properties of silver powder as well. The overall electrical and thermal properties of the silver powder are excellent and these amazing properties make it a very suitable option to be used in related fields.

    What are some of the optical properties of silver powder?

    Silver nanopowder has definitely got amazing properties regarding the optical field. Throughout the world, people are admiring the use of silver powder in various optical fields and these properties enable this nanopowder to be used in various kinds of optical sensors and products as well. The basic characteristics of this nanopowder that makes it so much useful in the field of optics are the characteristic of absorbing as well as a scattering of light. This specific feature makes it the best choice in this regard. Further, if we talk about this in the language of chemistry, then the conduction electrons that are present on the surface of the metal powder basically provide these amazing features and properties of the powder. These electrons are generally responsible for such amazing and excellent properties of absorbing and scattering light. So, these properties of silver powder make it the most suitable choice as well as an option to be used in the optical field.

    Does your company also manufacture this silver nanopowder?

    silver nanopowder manufacturer Yosoar (17)

    Kunshan Yosoar is indeed one of the most trusted names in metal powder manufacturers and e indeed also manufactures nanopowder of silver metal. At our facilities and labs, we have high-quality equipment as well as highly experienced personnel who are experts in their works. We manufacture high-quality nanopowder of silver and this nanopowder is definitely free from impurities. The nanopowder of silver that we manufacture is absolutely pure. If we would say this in numerical terms, then the silver nanopowder that we manufacture is 99.9% pure. This definitely implies how high quality our products are.

    Do you check the quality of each and every batch of nanopowder that you manufacture?

    As already discussed that in our company Kunshan Yosoar, we have a separate whole team of experts who have the work to check each and every batch of product that we manufacture. These experts basically check that whether any kind of impurity is present in the product or not. If they found any impurity or low-quality product, then they reject that product. Therefore, by keeping a check and balance, we are able to manufacture high quality and standard products for our customers. The same case implies the silver powder product. The technical team checks and verifies each and every batch of nanopowder for its high quality and high standards as well.

    What is the basic color of silver nanopowder?

    Well, the thing about the color of the nanopowder of silver is that it depends on the conditions of the powder. This could be easily understood from the fact that if the nanopowder of silver is basically unaggregated, then as a result of this unaggregation, the nanopowder of silver will have a color resembling yellow. This unaggregated silver powder will have a yellow color whereas if the particles of this nanopowder become aggregated, then there will be a change in the color. If this aggregation takes place, then the resulting color of the powder would be grey.

    Why it is said that the nanopowder particles of the silver metal show different colors?

    This is basically a simple fun fact about the particles of the silver nanopowder and this is that the particles show varying colors. Well, the main reason behind this fact is that the nanoparticles basically absorb as well as scatter different colors. This means that these nanoparticles actually absorb lights of some wavelengths as well as they also scatter lights having some other specific wavelengths. So because of this absorbing and scattering of light, the human eye perceives different colors. So this is the main reason behind this color-changing nature of silver powder particles.

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    Does your company provide silver nanopowder having varying or different particle sizes as well?

    If we take into consideration the normal size of silver nanopowder, then it approximately ranges between 60-100 nm. This is the typical size of silver nanopowder. But apart from this typical or general size, some other sizes of silver powder are also available. This powder can be manufactured in varying sizes. If we talk about the wide spectrum of colors that are available regarding this nanopowder, then the particles of this nanopowder can range from 10nm up to 200 nm. So this is the wide variety of sizes that are available regarding this nanopowder. Further, you can definitely get a nanopowder of silver according to your need. Whatever specific size you are looking for, you would definitely get it from Kunshan Yosoar.

    What are some of the benefits of this silver powder?

    As already discussed this silver powder of nano-sized particles has definitely got a wide range of applications. It is indeed a versatile powder that can be used in various fields. Its versatility can be observed from the fact that it has got usages and applications all the way from technology to health. Apart from this, it also has chemical applications as well. It has wide applications in the field of optics. Further, it is also used in manufacturing medicines and electrical equipment as well. So these are some of the wide range of applications and usages of this silver powder. All of the above-stated fields and industries utilize this nanopowder.

    Does this silver nanopowder have any microbial properties in it?

    This nanopowder of silver has definitely got antimicrobial properties and characteristics in it. This is depicted by its large-scale use in this related health field. The characteristic of having antimicrobial properties can be depicted and observed from the fact that when this silver powder of nano-sized particles is added into a substance or let’s say into a medication, then it basically acts in such a way that it suppresses the various kinds of pathogens including bacteria. This is the key aspect of their use in various medications and medical equipment as well. Because of this antimicrobial property of silver powder, it is used in face masks, various kinds of filters, and other similar products as well. So this is the main antimicrobial application of silver powder.

    silver nanopowder manufacturer Yosoar (13)

    Does this nano silver powder have any use in my field or industry?

    As already discussed that the silver nanopowder has indeed got a vast number of applications even in the field of electronics and the main reason behind this is that the silver nanopowder has got an excellent electrical as well as thermal conductivity. These excellent properties make it the key ingredient in the majority of electrical equipment and their manufacturing. Now, if we talk about the use of this nanopowder in conductive equipment, then this nanopowder of silver is yeh main key ingredient or a key component of these products. For instance, you can use this nanopowder for the manufacturing of LCDs, touch screens, various LED screens, and apart from these, this nanopowder is also used in a lot of electrical equipment as well. Therefore, you being in the electrical or conductive industry can definitely make use of this nanopowder.

    Does the silver nanopowder also have chemical applications?

    The silver powder has vast applications and usages even in the chemical-related field. One of the most important uses of silver powder is that it is mostly used as a catalyst. Yeh reason behind the use of these nanopowders in catalytic activities is the fact that the particles of these nanopowders have a large surface area and this large area to volume ratio basically makes these nanoparticles a much better option to be used as a catalyst. Further, the nanopowder of silver also enhanced and improves the overall efficiency of the chemical reaction. Therefore, this makes this nanopowder an important component in the field of chemistry.

    Can we also use this silver nanopowder in optical equipment also?

    silver nanopowder manufacturer Yosoar (12)

    Silver nanopowder has indeed got amazing properties and characteristics related to the optical field. These optical properties make these nanopowders to be used in the optical field and equipment as well. This indeed becoming a great interest for people related to this very field. These nanopowders of silver have wide applications in this field. For instance, we can assume the importance of these nanopowders in this very field by observing that this silver powder is used in the manufacturing of solar cells as well as certain equipment related to the medical field that makes use of imaging technology. So indeed I would say that the silver powder has a wide number of applications and benefits as well for this industry related to imaging and optics.

    Does the silver nanopowder have any applications in the diagnosing field?

    The silver powder also has applications and usages in the field of diagnosing. This is basically in the form of biosensors. The technology has become so advanced that now biosensors are being produced but these biosensors generally make use of the nanopowder of silver. These biosensors and other related products are generally used as biological tags and apart from this, they also provide the user with some quality detection and diagnosis as well. So you can definitely make use of the nanopowder of silver in this diagnosing and biosensors industry.

    Does the storage of silver nanopowders require any specific conditions?

    You should definitely try to be as safe and secure as possible while handling yeh silver nanopowder. Further, if we discuss the storage of nanopowder of silver, then it should be stored at a temperature ranging between 2-8°C. This is indeed the ideal temperature at which you should store this nanopowder. Further, you should not place this nanopowder in direct sunlight. Apart from this, another aspect of storing this nanopowder is that you should not store it in a freezer. If this silver powder is frozen, then this will basically cause a reaction and the nanopowder of silver will aggregate and a reaction would take place.

    silver nanopowder manufacturer Yosoar (10)

    Further, if we discuss safety, then usually this nanopowder of silver is not that harmful when you are handling it with care. But definitely, you should try to be as safe as possible using all of the safety equipment while dealing with this powder. Further, if any kind of contact occurs, or you accidentally ingest this powder, then you should definitely consult a physician as soon as possible.

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