Copper sulfate color

Copper sulphate can be contacted every day, in the liquid state, it is blue, and the crystallization is also blue. The difference is that anhydrous copper sulfate is white. When anhydrous copper sulfate is dissolved in water, divalent copper ions are generated, so that it becomes a blue copper sulfate liquid. Sometimes we look at the copper sulphate solution and think it is green. This is because the copper sulphate solution and water are oxidized to form brown copper oxide, so it looks a bit green. The copper sulphate solution on the electric copper wire has been used for a long time (about half a month), and it will be green. At this time, we will carry out carbon treatment, that is, let the copper sulphate solution be filtered through the filter barrel with activated carbon. After filtration, the copper sulfate solution will show a blue-green color. So my answer is: (white anhydrous copper sulfate) CuSO4+5H2O==CuSO4·5H2O (blue copper sulfate crystal) The standard copper sulfate solution is sky blue anhydrous copper sulfate is white copper sulfate crystal is sky blue The copper sulfate solution is sky blue, black blue, and blue green.

Generally speaking, copper sulfate refers to anhydrous copper sulfate, which is a white powder. Copper sulfate pentahydrate is blue, commonly known as blue or cholesteric, due to differences in concentration. Anhydrous copper sulfate is a colorless crystal. When copper sulfate is in contact with water, it turns blue. When water is a small amount, it is copper sulfate pentahydrate. When the amount of water is large, it is soluble in water and is also a blue solution.

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